How Good with the Force Are You!?

This is a Test from Star Wars To see how much you know. If you think you know alot then test How much you know. That the Quiz and see what you're Ranking is. The Test Might be harder for some and easier for others. Lets See ho wmuch you know.

a few questions are a bit goofy And They're Alot of easy questions. I added that for a few Extra points and for a Little Humor there for you so you dont get bored. Also if you Read the books it might help too. The test Might be harder to thoughs who havent.

Created by: The Geek

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  1. What is Darth Vader's real name?
  2. Who is/was Sronger Anakin or Darth Vader?
  3. Who Trained Qui-Gon Jinn?
  4. Who used a Double Red Lightsaber?
  5. Which od these Books came first?
  6. Which of these Characters Are in Star Wars Episode 1
  7. Which of these Was in Episode 1?
  8. My Favorite Jedi Is Qui-gon Jinn. Who is my favorite Jedi?
  9. (Time to get Serious) What are midichlorians?
  10. Who was Qui-gon's first apprentice?
  11. Which is your Favorite?
  12. What was Lukes name going to be?
  13. What would you say You midi-chlorian count is?
  14. two Hundred Jedi went to Geonosis how many retured?
  15. What was Star Wars Episode III Called?
  16. Which of these Jedi Have been in the most movies?
  17. Which Planet is the Jedi Temple on?
  18. Finish this Quote. "Peace over Anger. Honor over Hate. --"?
  19. Which of these Are NOT a Planet In Star Wars.
  20. Who was the Chosen one?
  21. How many members are needed on the Council?
  22. Which Episode Was the Clone Wars?
  23. How high Was Anakins midi-chlorian Count?
  24. Who Kills Obi-Wan Kenobi?
  25. What are Anakins Kids names?
  26. Who Play as Anakin in Star Wars Episode 3?
  27. What is Grand Admiral Thrawns Ship name?
  28. Who Was Obi-Wans Nemesis before he was a Padawan?
  29. Who Was Obi-Wans Childhood Best Friend Before he was a Padawan?
  30. Why did Yoda go to Dagobah After Revenge of the Sith?
  31. Why did Yoda choise Dagobah of all the planets to go to after Revenge of the Sith?
  32. What is Ki-Adi-Mundi Home Planet?
  33. What was the name of the Planet that Qui-gon and Obi-Wan when to, to rescue the Jedi Knight Tahl.
  34. What was the name of the planet the Ewoks lived on?
  35. Who did Han Solo get his ship The Millennium Falcon from?
  36. Speeking of Rage now, Who was Rage?
  37. What is the home planet of the wookie?
  38. What was the planet Randa used for?
  39. Final Question! How Ya doing on this? How Long will the Jedi Be Around?

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Quiz topic: How Good with the Force am I!?