Is Your Glass Full Or Empty?

You know what they say... an optimist sees a glass of water filled to the middle and sees it as half-full, but a pessimist sees it as half-empty. So how's your glass? Take this quiz to find out if you're an optimist, or a pessimist.

Are You an optimist? Do you see the positive side in everything?Until now, you could only wonder. But thanks to this quiz, you in a few minutes you will know if you are a optimist or a pessimist.

Created by: Lindsay
  1. You got totally dressed up to go out with your crush. As you leave the restaurant together and start the two-block walk to his car, it suddenly starts pouring rain. What's your very first thought?
  2. Your best friend gets flowers and chocolates delivered to her in class on Valentine's Day. What do you think?
  3. Your boyfriend breaks up with you at a party, and leaves you stuck there without a ride. What do you do?
  4. At least 10 pounds less than I am now.
  5. You bust your butt writing an essay for History class. So you're shocked when the teaching gives you a lame grade on it. What's your reaction?
  6. Two of your closest friends get into a massive fight. They don't ask you to take sides, but they refuse to speak to each other. How do you feel?<
  7. Your parents tell you that they're getting separated. How do you react when you hear the news?
  8. When something great happens to your best friend, how long does it take for her to share the news with you?
  9. Your friends know you're the best person in your circle to come to, when they need a:
  10. What is your favorite primary color?

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