Do You Need a Glass Belly Button?

Glass Belly Buttons are for people who go through life without their heads firmly on their shoulders. Their actions, words or deeds are often mean, rude or stupid. Quite often people are accused of having their heads up their butts.

Do YOU need a Glass Belly Button? It's far better to get past denial and admit to needing one than to have someone give one to you as a gift. This 20 question quiz should give you insights into your personal Glass Belly Button needs.

Created by: JoAnn Simpson
  1. Which of the following times occur before 8 a.m.?
  2. If a plane headed to England, full of French citizens crashed on the United States/Canadian border where would they bury the survivors?
  3. If the United States Vice President Dick Cheney had been killed in a hunting accident, who would be President?
  4. You're the engineer of The Orient Express that travels from Paris to Istanbul covering a distance of 3186 kilometers in six days and five nights at a cost of $11,500 per ticket and makes two stops. What is the engineer's name?
  5. If a Mama Bull, Papa Bull and Baby Bull were grazing in a field of sweet grasses eighteen inches high, which of them would be impossible to see?
  6. Some months, like October, have 31 days, and some months, like June, have 30 days. But how many have 28 days?
  7. Due to some decisions made during President George Bush's presidency, his approval rating has dropped from a one-time high of 88% to a low of 31%. What are his chances of being re-elected in 2008?
  8. Twenty-eight cows are grazing near the San Andreas Fault in California. Suddenly the earth shakes and splits swallowing all but seven of them. How many cows survive the earthquake?
  9. To commemorate the United States' freedom from England, the French presented the American people the Statue of Liberty. Do they have a Fourth of July in France?
  10. In a regulation baseball game played during the preseason, how many outs are required for the inning to be over?
  11. The infamous War of the Roses is the name given to the English civil war fought between 1455 and 1487. Who were the combatants?
  12. Rich's mom, who was an accountant, had three strong, handsome sons. She loved them all deeply. Two of the boys were named Nickel and Dime. What was the third son's name?
  13. If there are nine ripe avacodos, and you take away three, how many do you have?
  14. You have a horrible infection, the doctor gives you five pills telling you to take one every half hour. How many minutes would the pills last?
  15. God was very angry with the ways things were going. So he told Moses to gather the animals two-by-two and take them onto an ark because He was going to cause a great flood. How many pairs of animals did he take on the ark?
  16. If you decide to print this out and fold the paper in half. How many times can you fold it in half?
  17. If you were going to call me, but before you had a chance to dial, I actually knew you wanted to talk to me so I called you, what ability would I be experiencing?
  18. If you divide 42 by 1/2 and then subtract 14 what do you have?
  19. Mr. and Mrs. Perrywinkle have nine daughters all with long brown hair, big blue eyes and freckles. Each of the sisters has a brother. How many people are in the Perrywinkle family?
  20. Which weighs more 10 pounds of Glass Belly Buttons or 10 pounds of the velveteen Glass Belly Button carrying cases?

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