FunkyFresh what did you learn?

I know your going to go look at my site before you take this or open up a new screen with my site in it,you know why? Because I know things, I'll know if you cheat mister.

You know you want to Its like that red button that says Do Not Hit. You have to hit the button you HAVE to It's like a magnetic force pulling you to the button ;o

Created by: Rein

  1. How do you change the font color to red on your siggy?
  2. How do you skip a line on your marasite?
  3. How the heck do I get the Attic Avatar?
  4. What does <size=20> do?
  5. What ITEM is on the banner?
  6. What color is the scroll bar?
  7. Who is the first affie pn my marquee on teh bottom?
  8. What color is the background (behind the table layout)
  9. What's The site name? (DER!)O.o
  10. What is teh owners username? (another der question)

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