How Well Do You Know Ben 10?

Ben 10 is an American multimedia franchise about a courageous youth who uses a powerful alien device called the Omnitrix to transform into 10 or more super-powered aliens! As one of Cartoon Network's most successful recent action shows, it has a legacy few other cartoons can boast.

Did you watch this show as a kid? Are you a kid becoming interested in the show now? Or, are you a super-fan that has watched every episode and owns a huge collection of dozens of Ben 10 action figures (like me)? Here you can test your inner Fan!

Created by: Adams
  1. Which alien form did Ben Tennyson first transform into?
  2. Of the following characters, which one has not worked with Ben during Ben's missions?
  3. Who created the Omnitrix?
  4. Approximately how many aliens are currently in the Omnitrix? (locked and unlocked)
  5. All of these have been canon Ben 10 television series except:
  6. Which of these aliens is not a canon Omnitrix form?
  7. In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben could turn into Ultimate versions of his aliens. Which one of these had an onscreen appearance?
  8. Who was Ben's official girlfriend during the events of Ben 10: Alien Force?
  9. All of these devious characters have been villains except:
  10. The name of Four Arms actual species is:
  11. What is Ben's relationship with Gwen?
  12. Why does the Omnitrix feature a Timer that limits its usage?
  13. One of these is not a function of the Omnitrix. Which is it?
  14. Which of these was one of the Omnitrix's original intended purposes?
  15. When was the original Ben 10 series first released in the U.S.?
  16. Which of these aliens was scanned into the Omnitrix instead of being a default form?
  17. Who developed Ben 10?
  18. How old was Ben Tennyson when he first received the Omnitrix?
  19. Which of these series had a crossover with Ben 10?
  20. When did Ben die?

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