Are you human or alien?

Are you a person who is frequently called weird or crazy, or perhaps your appearance is different? There are many disguised aliens in this world, and you could be one, without knowing.

You could just be a weirdo that sunburns easily, too. Many people confuse weirdos with aliens, so here you will find the truth. I am an alien, from Mercury.

Created by: TheMagic12321
  1. Well hi there! I see you have stumbled upon my quiz.
  2. So... Say something random.
  3. What colour is your skin? I am NOT trying to be racist or offensive.
  4. Are you good at maths?
  5. What is the answer to this: 10!
  6. Are you good at English?
  7. What is the correct spelling of this word?
  8. Is this quiz boring?
  9. If you found out you were an alien, what would you think?
  10. Comment and rate?

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Quiz topic: Am I human or alien?