My Parents are Aliens quiz

This is a quite or very difficult My Parents are Aliens trivia quiz, see how much you know about My Parents are aliens and see your score at the end. Are you a MPAA genius?

Think you know everything about My Parents are Aliens? Try this quiz to find out how much you know and see if you can get them all right.

Created by: MyParentsRAliens
  1. Which of these clubs has Lucy never done?
  2. How did everyone first meet CJ?
  3. What was Josh trying to scam off Poppy when she was new?
  4. What's the name of the boy Lucy liked?
  5. Did CJ once go out with Poppy?
  6. What is Mel most interested in?
  7. What is Trent's real name?
  8. What else has Sophie used to morph apart from ice-cream?
  9. Who gave Harry the giant chocolate heart?
  10. What happens when Josh, Pete and Frankie are playing computer games in the toilet and Mr Whiteside comes in?
  11. Trent went out with Harry, true or false?
  12. In the christmas episodes who breaks Pete's present to Frankie, the game-sword twice?
  13. Why were Brian and Sophie making the sticky glue?
  14. What was the teacher leading Wendy and Lucy's nativity play called?
  15. In which episode do Mel and Trent nearly kiss in her room?
  16. Who is Scott Taylor?
  17. Why did Lucy take up martial arts?
  18. When Sophie was morphed as a mermaid what did she eat to morph back?
  19. Sophie fancies Mr Whiteside, true or false?
  20. Which of these has Josh NOT done to scam money from people?

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