Do you have a hover parent?

Hover parents are basically overprotective parents. What is an overprotective parent? Someone crazy about you, annoys you, and sometimese embarrasses you.

Curfews, anti-dating, no phone parents, crazy parents, annoying parents, whatever and whatnot. Is one or more of your parents overprotective? Or do they not? There are 13 questions and it will take just a minute to find out. Good luck!

Created by: NachozVsCupcakes
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  1. Do you have a curfew? If yes, what time is your curfew?
  2. Do your parents ask if there is at least an adult 18+ years old when going out alone?
  3. Do you THINK at least ONE of your parents are OP? (OP means over protective.)
  4. If you get asked out and you ask your parents to go, they say...
  5. Do they care about your younger sibling more than you?
  6. What do they do if you get in trouble?
  7. Does your parents often embarrass you?
  8. Do your parents annoy you often?
  9. Do they argue often on subjects that refer to you?
  10. Do you get into arguments with at least one of your parents?
  11. Do your parents call you embarassing nicknames? (Sweetie pie, honey, etc.)

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Quiz topic: Do I have a hover parent?