Would you be a good parent?

There are many parents out there in this medium to small sized planet. Some of them are great people but some of them are last person you would ever want meet, let alone have as your parent.

So let's find out, are you a great person and would you make the perfect parent? Or are you the most dreadful human being alive?, and in that case you would definatly be the worst parent on the face of the earth.This quiz will help YOU find out.

Created by: Valerie

  1. What is the square root of 6?
  2. What is the best store for baby clothes?
  3. What would you feed your baby?
  4. Who is our current U.S. President?
  5. When would you spank a kid?
  6. Is it okay to call kids rude names or say that you hate them
  7. Is it bad to tell children that you love them
  8. How old are you?
  9. How many kids do you want to have?
  10. What should you tell you kid ever night before lights out?

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