What Type of Parent Would You Be?

There are different types of parents, a lot of different types. There are extremely fun parents, overly bossy and uptight parents and--well, you know. A lot of you don't have children yet, but what type of parent would you be?

What type of parent are YOU? Do your children dread your existence, think of you as a friend or consider you the best parent in the world? Find out here. :)

Created by: tomboykaitie
  1. Are you quiet and calm or loud and outgoing?
  2. Your child just got in trouble at school to the point of being suspended. How do you react?
  3. Which are you more? Be honest. Friend or Parent?
  4. Your child was jumping on the bed and slipped off, fell down and broke his/her leg. What's your THOUGHTS?
  5. You were given the option to "Stalk your kid" for a week to see how they're behaving. Would you do it? Be honest.
  6. Are you ready for kids?
  7. You were invited to a Bowling Party where you CAN bring your children. Only problem is, there will be alcohol. Would you bring your children?
  8. What would be your child/children's bedtime be?
  9. How often would you listen to your kid?
  10. Who would be raising your kid?
  11. Are you friendly or shy?
  12. Which sounds most like your description?
  13. How do you dress?
  14. How are your eating habits?
  15. Thank you for taking my quiz. Please comment :D Hope you enjoyed my quiz!

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