Are you good or bad parent?

This quiz is for parents who have some issues whit raising their children, or they just want to know are they bad or good parents. P. S. active listening is a great methode of raising children. You can google it and learn more about it

I am a psychologist, so I hope this quiz will help you. If there are any mistakes or wrong estimations, false things, or things that confuse you in the end of this quiz (results) I am sorry about that.

Created by: Leonarda
  1. Do you think you're a good, or bad parent?
  2. What do you think, does ypur child hate you?
  3. Did your child ever told you that it hates you?
  4. How much of quality time do you spend whit your child?
  5. How often do you tell you child " mean words" ("You re a terrible child, I hate you, You are so clumsy, ict.)?
  6. Do you hit your child?
  7. Is your child insecure, does it have low selfconfidence?
  8. Do you and your child often fight?
  9. Do you think your child is annoying?
  10. How often do you seriously talk to your child or actively listen to it.
  11. How often do you seriously talk to your child or actively listen to it.
  12. Describe the situation when you and your child fight

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Quiz topic: Am I good or bad parent?