How are you doing as a parent?

This test proposes a reflection on this very hard job that is parenting. Try to think about how are raising then and if they are learning properly about discipline and respect. As we know how hard parenting is, there’s no bad results, because we know you are trying your best!

We just wanna encourage you to do the best for the kids, even ir this hurts a little now, it will be unpriceable to ser, In the future, that you have raised a good person!

Created by: Blaire Hall
  1. First of all, where do you think kids should learn about discipline?
  2. Do you think your kids respect you?
  3. How do your kids refer to you?
  4. Do your kids help with the chores?
  5. How do you think your kids are gonna act if you were called at school?
  6. How do you act when your kids swears in front of you?
  7. Your children take tour car without permission, what do you do?
  8. Your kids did something really bad and you Tel trem t ger ready for the belt, how do they react?
  9. Do your kids generally apologize to you?
  10. Finally, what other people usually say about your kids?

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Quiz topic: How am I doing as a parent?