Parents Quiz: Slacker, Positive or Paranoid Helicopter?

Every day parents are bombarded with news stories about horrific things that have happened or might happen to children. With all this worrisome news, it's hard not to become a Paranoid Parent.

Some parents think that excessive worrying is the mark of good parenting. In reality excessive worry can cause children to become stressed themselves, and incapable of managing normal, everyday challenges. Have you become a Paranoid Parent who is ruled by fear and consumed with worries? Take the Paranoid Parents Quiz to find out.

Created by: Christie
  1. When taking your baby for a walk, do you...
  2. What is your philosophy about having pets and babies in the same household?
  3. How do your children get to and from school?
  4. How do you feel about using technology to track the whereabouts of your child?
  5. What safety measures do you take when children are riding in the car with you?
  6. How worried are you about your child's health?
  7. What measures to you take to prevent accidental poisoning?
  8. How often do you and your spouse take a weekend getaway from your kids?
  9. Which best describes your attitude about worrying about your children?
  10. What is your opinion about the dangers for children in the world today?

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