Who is the TV parent?

Are you a TV Junkie? Think you watch a lot of tv? But do you really pay attention? Do you know the last names of the characters on the shows you watch? I know, sometimes they feel like your own family!

See if you are as attentive as you think you are. Try to match the tv children to their tv parents. Sometimes the children's friends or neighbors are mentioned more often than their parents. It could be harder than you think!

Created by: Pat
  1. What was Joanie and Richie Cunningham's father?
  2. Who was the father of Hoss, Little Joe & Adam?
  3. Tabitha Stevens mother's name was___________.
  4. Ricky Ricardo was the father of who ?
  5. Ward and June were the parents of who?
  6. Carl & Harriette Winslow had a daughter named...
  7. Carol, Ben and Mike Seaver belonged to which parents?
  8. Al an Peg Bundy had which two children?
  9. The Huxtable children's mother was_______?
  10. Dan and Roseanne Connor had a son named_________?
  11. Alex, Mallory and Jennifer were children of _________?
  12. Archie and Edith Bunker had a daughter named________?
  13. The mother on "The Partridge Family" was_________?
  14. Michael, Thelma and J.J.'s mother was______?
  15. The Jeffersons, George and Louise, had a son named________?
  16. The parents of the eight children on "Eight Is Enough" were____________?
  17. Mindy, from "Mork & Mindy", had a father named______?
  18. Charles and Caroline Ingalls had three daughters named_______?
  19. Governor Eugene Xavier Gatling was father to _____________ on "Benson".
  20. Herman & Lily lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane with their son_______?
  21. Elly May Clampett and her cousin Jethro, lived in a mansion with her Granny and her father,_______ ?
  22. Jarrod, Nick, Heath and Audra Barkley were the children of__________?
  23. Fred & Wilma and Barney & Betty were the proud parents of________?

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