How likely is your toddler to become a bigshot?

Society is a wierd thing. Some people become bigshots, with a lot money, 15 cars, and publicity manager. Others do not. And that is just the way it is.

But how likely is YOUR 1-4 year old to become a bigshot. Take this quiz and you shall know if you are the type of lucky parent of a celbrity, or kind of parent that has to lend money to your kids when they are 57.

Created by: Morty
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  1. Does your toddler cry a lot?
  2. Does your toddler steal toys from other toddlers?
  3. Has your toddler ever handled money?
  4. Can your toddler speak full sentences?
  5. Does your toddler go to kindergarten?
  6. Does your toddler have many friends?
  7. Is your toddler picky?
  8. How rich are your toddler's relatives?
  9. Do you take your toddler shopping?
  10. How well does your toddler behave?

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Quiz topic: How likely is my toddler to become a bigshot?