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How much do you know about the My Parents are Aliens main characters? Find out how much you know, it will be easy if you've watched the show a lot, it's not very hard.

Answer 5 questions each about Lucy, Josh & Mel. And more questions about the other characters. I don't have anything else to say I tried my best to fill this space properly but I can't ok I just can't

Created by: MyParentsRAliens

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  1. Lucy questions: How old is Lucy in the first series?
  2. Who's her best friend?
  3. What does she want to be?
  4. Which word describes her?
  5. Which subject does she not like?
  6. Josh: Josh's best friends are?
  7. Josh's favourite thing to do is?
  8. Who's the teacher he doesn't like?
  9. Which word describes him?
  10. Who's the girl he likes?
  11. Mel: Her best friend is?
  12. Her favourite interest is?
  13. What word describes her?
  14. Who is obsessed with her?
  15. Where did she go when she left?
  16. CJ: How old is CJ when he joins?
  17. Who does he play with the most?
  18. Who does he share a room with?
  19. Brian: What is Brian allergic to?
  20. Which is his hobby?
  21. What word is like him?
  22. Sophie: What does she need to eat to morph?
  23. What word describes her?
  24. What does she like doing?

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