Are your parents insane?!?

Are your parents insane? Many people think so, but their parents end up being those hollywood stars that say at the end of the movie, "I love you sweetie/pal" find out in this quick quiz how many percentiles your parents are insane!

So, take this quiz to find out how insane your parents anyways, yeah. there is not much else to say. I hope your parents are nicely normal, then you should consider yourself lucky.

Created by: rikkitiger

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  1. do your parents often sing in front of you or your friends?
  2. do your parents dance like idiots?
  3. do your parents go out of their way to embarrass you in public?
  4. do your parents talk about safe sex to you a ton?
  5. do you parents tell you about having sex with your dad?
  6. does your mom wear only her underpants around the house sometimes?
  7. does your dad talk about money to you?
  8. does your mom/dad say "no thank you" instead of "dont do that"
  9. do you parents ever make funny jokes that actually make you laugh? (like jokes for YOUNG people.)
  10. can you be inappropriate in front of them? (telling dirty jokes and whatnot)
  11. do your parents know about recent bands, celebrities, TV shows, ect?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir parents insane?!?