How good are your parents?

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We all have problems with our parents at times, we don't always agree but that's okay. Our parents sometimes are a little unfair, and we feel like their decisions affect us badly. We really want them to think the same as us all the time, don't we?

Find out how good are your parents in your opinion, what kind of relationship you have and what you should fix in it. This quiz will help you improve your relationship with your parents and you'll see if they're good enough in your opinion or not.

Created by: Lexie
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  1. How would you describe your parents?
  2. What's your parents' way of punishment?
  3. What's your parents' reaction when you get bad grades?
  4. Do your parents let you go out with your friends?
  5. Do you feel you can open up to your parents?
  6. When your parents are in a bad mood, does their attitude towards you change, too?
  7. How often do your parents tell you 'I love you'?
  8. Have your parents ever made you wanting to run away from home?
  9. What was the last time you and your parents had a great time together?
  10. Your teacher calls your parents and complains about your attitude. You behaved that way because she insulted you and try to explain this to your parents. Who do you think they'll listen more?
  11. When you've done something wrong, what do your parents do?
  12. Do your parents know your friends or who you hang out with?
  13. How would you describe your childhood?
  14. If your parents found out you smoked/drank, what would their reaction be?
  15. What's something your parents give you often?
  16. When you're sick, what do your parents do?
  17. If you had/have a boyfriend/girlfriend would/have you tell/told your parents(mostly mum)?
  18. If you were homosexual, what would your parents' attitude towards your sexuality be? (This is a question based on what your parents' attitude towards your personal choices is, it has nothing to do with homosexuality or show that something's wrong with it.)

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Quiz topic: How good am Ir parents?