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  • 0% as expected. My dad is abusive and strict. He only cares about my grades. I can't live a normal life around him, so ever since my mum decided that she didn't want to be divorced anymore and moved back in with my dad, my life has become hell. Thanks mum and dad.

  • Wow I got 0%. I knew my parents weren't the best but I was sure there were worse ones.

    • I tried to do the thing like the comment adviced before, it fail i get yell at more(when i say yell at i meant cursing, names you can not bare to hear from your parents). Honestly ik they dont love me its true and sad.

    • So true it always happen to me so I don't ever speak out my opinion but they think I am being rude and I don't know what to do it's like I wanna rip my hair out

  • I took test 2 times because my parents are divorced. By my mom's side I have 80% and by my dad's side i have 12%

  • I took a quiz for each of my parents. I got 11% for my dad, and 57% for my mom.

  • Holy s--- I just got 0%....I knew my parents were bad, but I didn't think they were THAT bad.


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