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  • My score was 0%, even after I changed some results. It's pretty accurate information. I can't open up to my parents in anyway nor they let me go out side with friends. I don't even have friends that drink or smoke. They are too power grasping type. I even heard dad saying kids don't matter, their feelings or wishes matter, all that matters that I respect dad for ruining my life.

  • You think your parents are 0% good to you 0%

    Your relationship with your parents seems to be very bad. You think they don't care about you, or that they mind their own business more, but you should know that a child is a parent's biggest treasure. If your parents are harsh, maybe you should try to calm things down a bit. I know it's not your fault, but maybe you can go talk to them and tell them why you don't agree with their way of behaving with you.

    The1ForU 2
  • I got 37. But my dad is different of my mom, he's open minded,here whenever i need to talk, tries to understand what i go through, if he wasn't there i would have left home. My mom is the opposite of him, she's absolutely not open minded, everytime we talk about the lgbtq+ community,and me in general(since i'm a trans gay guy) she yells at me and said that i'm a disgrace in the family,that i'm not her kid anymore.

    But it's almost the end, just have to be eighteen, 2 years more and maybe i'll finally see freedom

  • I got 1% and I think it sounds about right my mum is not a great mum. She even tried to get rid of me once even throw I had done nothing:( It throw had been my brothers! And my dad well I never really see him which I am very glad. I cry a lot too even throw I'm 13 I also feel depressed a lot and wish I could have my friends mum is also toxic, emotionally abusive, verbally abusive and she is also gaslighting me (I found this all out a while ago) she also hits me wen she's really angry. I forget things a lot to because I was born very early which dose not help. she sometimes scares me. Is this normal? she says it is. I don't no what to do!

    sad candy

      sad candy
  • I got %16. I cant say my parents dislike me but I cant say that they unconditionally love me all the time too. My mom is a great person she cooks for me and takes cares of me when I get sick. But she is a pathological liar. She tells me a girl should study to be successful but then she tells my aunts that I should marry and a men is the best way to go. She also thought I was gay because I never told her about the boys I liked. I used to share everything to her but now I barely tell her anything. My dad is an alcoholic so Im not even gonna start talking about him. How ironic that my mom suffers because of my dad but also tells my aunts that I should find a men. How pathetic. My parents do not trust me and neither do I. They constantly say that I couldnt born luckier and that I have the best parents ever. Again, how ironic I dont even like them.

  • For the lgbtq question i dont think they tried to offend anyone, they probably added it to see if your parents were judgemental about you or were offensive. Also for the boy or girl one i wouldnt say its too bad its probably just a simple mistake that could go over anyones head while making this quiz, so try not to hate on the poor person (especially since everyone on this website is sad or angry right now and some ppl will probably send offensive things).

  • I got a 30% and tbh im not surprised. If I have less then a B- I get a long lecture and my phone gets taken. I still dont have a real phone just an iPhone 6s with no service or anything. They keep saying im irresponsible when honestly I just think I have ADHD. (not self diagnosing.) Honestly I get yelled at for the tiniest things and im sick of it

  • I got 3% but I answered the questions as if it was only my mother. My dad is chill and my relationship with him is quite good, my mother on the other side makes me angry all the time and I was thinking about moving out so much but I can't since I'm only 15.

  • I got 4% i think that is quite low but a lot of the time my parents would say they treat me better than a lot of other parents, I feel like they care abt the stupidest stuff but the stuff that matters to me they don't care abt. I feel like they don't feel proud of me often, I constantly get bodyshamed by them while no one else has said anything abt my appearance, also, I feel pressure to even express emotions so most I would like to try my best to turn it off

  • 0% and no not every child is a parent's biggest treasure. a lot of parents hate their kids. Some parents even purposefully kill their children. So that is a terrible blanket statement. Telling my parents that I dont like any of their behaviors is just an invitation to be castrated even more. And I would only advise other 0% ers to do this if they are masochists.

  • I got 30% I just feel like my parents don't let me have my opions about things and try to control my life even tho I have set up some of these boundaries with my actions, I feel like I'm somewhat being controlled. when I was little my mom used to scream at me so it's made me hesitant to talk to my parents about things because I think I'm going to get judged or reprimanded.

    • this is called a controlling/helicopter parent

  • my parent are so bad i just live my life to suffer and to be taunted my own parents.the moments when someone comes to ours house to stay for sometime are the best moments of my life because they cant show there real side to the world.they say that i dont study even if i get good grades.its if like they just like taunting me all the time.once i ordered a mouse for 271 (roughly $3.50 cents) and they said why is it so expensive and i was thinking what!! becuase thats the cheapest i got from amazon and it doesnt even matter to them that was the money my grandma gave me around 2000 (roughly 26 dollars) im lucky to have a sister i cant thnk what she went through when i was not born and thats all i will say because i think my mom is coming and she will kill me if she see's this so okay buy peace

  • 12%, makes sense, all they do is scream at me, lecture and tell me everything that they think is wrong with me. They make fun of me and tell me how Im a disappointment cus it probably makes them feel better about themselves. They do it to try and hurt me but Ive gotten better. I know Im better that what they think of me, I guess Im just used to living like this.

  • 0%

    Your relationship with your parents seems to be very bad. You think they don't care about you, or that they mind their own business more, but you should know that a child is a parent's biggest treasure. If your parents are harsh, maybe you should try to calm things down a bit. I know it's not your fault, but maybe you can go talk to them and tell them why you don't agree with their way of behaving with you. that frankly is true

  • Hah I got 0% I think it's more like -100% I can't evan talk to anyone in my family without being shut down being being child I was a bused like f--- from people all around me not just my family and when I told them about it they just ignored me and then would tell me to not make a big deal about it because it isn't anything evan if I came back home seriously injured they wouldn't give a dam my mother says to me if I broke a leg she will just watch me suffer and not take me to get help so I agree 0% fits

    Dead gost
  • My mum is a single mother as she divorced my dad when is was 3 because he used to hit me and my mum and he is crazy. right now my mum always says what i do is wrong and being on my phone/tablet/tv/laptop is bad even though she ALWAYS uses he iPHONE X like omg- i hate her i have never had 1 good day in my life without my mum or dad ruining it and my dad moved to portuagal and is sooo anoying ugh

  • I got a 82%, and I'm suprised, I thought I'd get higher, but my parent's and I get along very well. now I don't mean to brag in any way, shape, or form, but for everyone who says they got a very low percent, instead of posting coments about how low you got and how your parents treat to fairly ill, you should go and tell a therapist, or someone you trust about it. yes, you can post anonimously here, but it helps more if you talked to someone with a lot of experience. thank you.

    N Y A N K O S U
  • I got like around 13% and I am not surprised. My step dad always like to yell at me and takes everything seriously. One time I had my hearing aids because I forgot to use it earlier so I was a minute late for dinner, he got mad at me and he started yelling and I pretty much cried. He always treats my mom like a queen and he's such a hypocrite he would always tell me to stop crying like a baby and its pretty harsh because its hard for me to control my emotions and I am just 12 years old I don't have a lot of experience so I normally cy. Also, my mom is not mean at all and that's what I really love about her. She is strict but she understands I'm only a child and I make this mistakes but shes there to give me advice. Also, I always get so much punishments Its not even fair. I hope when I grow old I treat my own son or daughter same as my wife because a real mean treats his family equally.

  • 16%, reasonable. theyre kinda really strict with me and never listen to what i have to say. they always blame it on me and say that im misbehaving and if i try to talk about stuff they shut me down or i get punished. theyre really controlling. my moms been like this since she met my stepdad. i never open up to them and they always invade my privacy. they do tell me they love me and do activities with me, but overall i cant do much while my stepsister can get away with a million things.

  • God bless you all! I feel terrible you are treated so badly. May they feel Christs live for them and you and become way better parents! Love you, each of you matter greatly to God.

  • 0% as expected. My dad is abusive and strict. He only cares about my grades. I can't live a normal life around him, so ever since my mum decided that she didn't want to be divorced anymore and moved back in with my dad, my life has become hell. Thanks mum and dad.

  • My mom is the best person in the world shes so nice and always helps me when I need help, shes very supportive and I love her so much, but my father is the exact opposite if I do something wrong he hits me and once he told my mom to die just cause we called him out on his disgusting parenting and how he swears a lot but if we swear he hits us in the face and its f---ed up we want to leave but now my mom doesnt and I dont want my little brothers to get hurt too I dont know what to do

  • I got 0% and Its pretty accurate. Every time I wanted to have a civil conversation after an argument and try to calm things down she would never hear me out this goes for everything I have done. When I wanted to get outside help she absolutely refused. She threatens to take my phone and my social life if I had ever go against her. Every time I cry she has always just called me a cry baby. I never ever heard her genuinely apologize. She wont allow me to lock my door even though we dont have natural disasters except for floods (although I stay in the Second floor) I think it was an excuse to just barge into my room whenever she feels like it. She once forced me into putting up my hair and when I refused because having a pony tail is pretty uncomfortable shed slapped me until I cried. My dad is currently in the hospital and he messaged a picture to me.

    I didnt want to see it because why would I want to see that also I didnt want to talk to her since she was yelling at me 30 minutes ago so when I showed no interest in wanting to look at the photo she said You are a cold hearted person

    When I was about 5 she would start using the Asian punishments.

    She calls me fat she even said I looked pregnant. She call me a slob and etc.

    Etsu Chan
    • Like my post if you made a fake profile just to post your reasons. Btw liking this does nothing it's just a thumbs up I checked.

  • 0% sounds right. They stole my money and closed my bank account for no reason. They constantly told me I wasn't good enough for them. "Oh, your cousin runs for miles every day and you just sit around" and "Some kids actually do good things but YOU just whine!" and other stuff like that.

  • hey besties! Just a note for the last question: homosexuality is not a choice. Its how a person feels and they cant change that, just so you know. You can also search it up it has a lot to do with genes and everything ! Thank u for trying to understand :)


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