Are Your Parents Strict?

Are my parents strict? Was something that I have been asking since my own birth. Most people think that their parents are strict, but that may not be so!

Are your parents strict? Do you suffer from your parents and think of getting them back for making you eat that carrot? Or are your parents kind and gentle and let you gave anything you want? Find out from the latest quiz "Are your parents strict?"

Created by: FunGirl
  1. What is your reaction when your parents let you stay up late until 10 o'clock?
  2. What will your parents say about you dating?
  3. What do your parents do when they find a lump of trash on their street?
  4. How will your parents prepare you for your test?
  5. Your parents went to a privet meeting. And you will be doing..
  6. What do you do when you get home?
  7. Do you think your parents are strict?
  8. You have failed on your math test. What did your parents do?
  9. What is your deepest fear?
  10. What will you say if I ask "are you educated?"(answer truthfully)

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Quiz topic: Am Ir Parents Strict?