Teenage Love Story

This quiz is about a girl who's parents are really strict with her. But that doesnt stop her from falling in love. Even though her parents dont allow her to date!

Take this quiz & see what guy belongs with you at the end! & what guy will be willing to risk it. Thanks for taking this quiz & hope you enjoy it! I tried my best on it!

Created by: Zule

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  1. You go to church & your dad is the pastor. & both your parents are very strict.
  2. In your church there is a youth group & it only contains 4 boys & 3 girls.
  3. The first one, his name is Liam. He has blond flippable hair. With blue pretty eyes! He says hi to you, you ....
  4. The second guy, his name is Nathan. His a shy guy. His nerdy. With green eyes ( wears glasses ) & black hair. He nervously says hi you....
  5. The third guy, his name is Jacob. He has brown hair with light brown eyes. He is an athlete. & loves sports. He smiles at you. You
  6. The fourth guy, his name is Tyler. He loves to flirt & has brown hair with brown eyes. He has dimples. He winks at you. You
  7. All of you are in the church together ( including the other 2 girls ) . Your a really good person. ( duh? Pastors daughter ) & Liam says "Hey theres this party tonight, come with me & lets skip church" You
  8. So after church ( or if u said yes to the party) Nathan comes over to your house he says "Hey_____would you like to study tomorrow for the test?" You say
  9. Then your phone rings & its Jacob! He says "Hey ___ I was just thinking about you. You should come to the football game tomorrow night to watch me play?" You say
  10. Then you hear a small rock has been thrown in your window. You check to see who it is & its Tyler. He says "Hey ___ you look beautiful today! How about tomorrow me & you go watch a movie?" You say
  11. Did you like it soo far?
  12. There would be a part 2!! Stay tuned!! ( it will come out early ) [ 2 or 1 days ]

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