The Demon Girl

OK so now you're a teenage girl… i don't really care what age… you decide!!! you just have to be 16-19… this is my first story quiz thing… so don't expect it to be so much

OK again, now you're name is Elise, like it or not! this first quiz is just kinda gonna explain who you are who you're friends are… stuff like that. For I have taken many a quiz that kinda don't do that, so I'm doing it!!! :D oh and it's the same old same old story quiz thing

Created by: petziez
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  1. "Elise! Get up it's almost nine! You promised to take me shopping!" Sarah calls up to you. You roll out of bed, take a shower, and get dressed. Then walk downstairs to find Sarah making pancakes.
  2. Today was a Saturday, and you were hoping to go shopping around lunch time, but you and Sarah were almost always opposites. You met her a couple years ago when she was like 6.
  3. Sarah was always trying to 'live on the bright side of life', you could say. You met her one day while you were in the forest behind your house in one of your favorite trees. It was almost sunset and you had decided to go see it. Then from farther up in the tree, you had heard someone say, "It's really pretty isn't it?" You had been so shocked you almost fell off you're branch, but after you recovered from your shock you looked up and saw a young girl who looked like she should be in kindergarten, but seemed much older. "who are you?" you asked, while climbing higher in the tree. "Oh, sorry, I'm Sarah," she said smiling, "Who are you?" I'm… Elise," you said, you were amazed she was up so high in the tree, you could barely get half way up.
  4. "why are you in my family's forest?" you asked, finally reaching her. "Oh, was this your family's forest? I didn't see any signs or a fence." "My dad doesn't like having anything like that, he feels like he's too protective or mean when he does that. But why are you here?" "Ah… i get it. Well my parent's both died when I was pretty young," she laughs after saying that, "i mean younger than I am now, my dad in a car crash, my mom from cancer."
  5. There's a short moment where's it's quiet except of the regular sounds of a forest in the summer, birds chirping, squirrels chattering, and leaves rustling. Then, since it's kinda awkward just sitting next to her, you say, "Geez, you've been through a lot huh?" "Ya, I guess so," she replies, then a short silence again before she continues. "I know it may sound like a fairy tale or something, but my Godmother, treated me like her maid, so I decided to run away, I brought some of my stuff, there's a shed in this forest so… I kinda just moved in."
  6. You finish eating breakfast and put you're plate in the dish washer. "C'mon Elise let's go!" Sarah says excitedly, putting on her jacket, which is about a size too small.
  7. As you climb into the car, you see a black van, or dark blue you can't really tell in the light, that's not normally there. Sarah doesn't notice, or doesn't seem to, climbing into the passenger seat, squealing with excitement.
  8. You climb into the car and turn it on, backing out of the drive you turn on your favorite radio station. (whatever that may be) Half way to the mall you've forgotten about the black van, but then Sarah brings it up again. "Hey Elise, why is that van following us?" "Oh great…" you mumble, "I don't know, maybe they just have the same roads to go on as we do," you tell Sarah. "Oh, OK, i won't worry any more then," she replies beaming up at you.
  9. When you reach the mall, you park aways away, the mall was a bit more crowded than you had expected it to be. You get out and go to the other side to help Sarah, not looking back incase the van is there. Sarah grabs your hand and pulls you toward the mall, pretty much shouting excitedly, "C'mon! C'mon! We gotta get in before the flowered dress i want is all gone!" You laugh lightly as you're being dragged through the doors.
  10. You had gone to about 3 stores and bought 2 outfits, some mix and match, and a few sweaters for Sarah. You got yourself some earrings, and a couple cute outfits. It was around lunch when you finished so you decided to get some food court McDonald's. Sarah had finished her ice cream, and had gotten some rather sticky fingers, so she went to go wash up. You were thinking about how ever since you met Sarah, she's been acting more her age,happier, more excited to live i guess, when you notice two guys you've never seen before. One seems really frustrated with the other. The other keeps gesturing towards you. Being the person you are, you walk up to them and say…
  11. (Assuming you chose the last one) "Gah!" The first one is so shocked he pretty much just falls down. The other one laughs at him and turns to you, "Sorry, I was trying to tell him you'd act like this but he wouldn't listen," he says chuckling a bit, "I'm Joey, that's Connor." which one catches your eye?
  12. "So what do you want with me?" You ask. Connor is up by now and he grabs your wrist, "Come with us," he says pulling you. You slap him with your free hand and he lets go. "Don't do that!" he shouts, a lot of people are staring now so you walk away. Joey jogs back up to your side, jogging backwards so he can talk to you none the less. He turns the way you're facing and says, "Sorry again about Connor, he can be a bit, umm… demanding, but if you come with us i promise you'll be safer." You stop and turn in front of him, "I don't know what you're talking about, and I am not in any danger so leave me alone!"
  13. You walk a short distance and than Joey comes up next to you, again. "Aww, c'mon, just think about it???" "No! Now leave me alone!" "Well, if you're sure… but can i just ask where you're going?" You sigh feeling somewhat defeated, and say, "I'm checking on Sarah, my… erm… sister…" "She's not really your sister is she?" he says smirking. "Wha? How did you know she wasn't?" you ask shocked. "I'll tell you if you come with us," he says smirking again.
  14. You start walking towards the restrooms so you can grab Sarah so you can go. you walk in to Sarah putting on one of her new jackets. "Hey Sarah, I think we need to go now." "Aww… ok.." she says reluctant to go. As you walk out Connor looks at you and seems surprised. He walks toward you and asks, "Where did you get her?" Sarah seems upset at this remark. "I, sir, am not an object and I would prefer that you don't treat me like so!" Connor seems surprised but she continues. " We met in a tree in a forest behind her old house! My parents are both dead, my Godmother despises me, and Elise is one of the only people i have trusted since!"
  15. She takes a deep breath and says in a much calmer tone, "Any more questions?" Connor shakes his head, speechless. "Well then sir, I'll be off." and we both start walking off. Just about as we reach the door there are gunshots, screaming…. then you black out…
  16. and cliffhanger!

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