Which "Neverend" Character Are You?

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Neverend: a story about a teenage girl who seems to make all the wrong decisions in life. Every day she's faced with some new problem, almost as if her troubles will never end.

If you take the character quiz, you can find out which character from the story you are most like! So why not give it a try and see who you turn out with?

Created by: Ashley

  1. You've just graduated from highschool- what's the first thing you plan to do?
  2. You and some friends are spending the night at a club. While they're getting drinks, a guy/girl comes over and starts to hit on you. How do you react?
  3. You're invited to a Halloween party with quite a large number of people that you don't know. What do you dress up as?
  4. What is your dream occupation or favorite hobby?
  5. How about your room- what are most of the walls covered with?
  6. Your significant other invites you to go out on a date. What would idea of a perfect night be?
  7. What is your favorite color?
  8. You're planning on buying a new DVD for movie night. Which of the following would be your first choice?
  9. What sort of clothing do you like to wear?
  10. Last one: Which of the following songs would you say fits your personality the best? (If you haven't heard them, search on youtube!)

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Quiz topic: Which "Neverend" Character am I?