Living the Life Of Denae! (RP Girls!)

This quiz is all about a character I made up and you choose how she decides to live throughout one day of highschool, and at the end of the quiz, you'll figure out how just that one day could have changed her whole life.

If you're confused, you are playing a girl named Denae. She can easily climb up or down the social ladder based on your decisions. Denae had had a rivalry with Ryan her whole life, becuase Ryan had outsmarted her in the fifth grade spelling bee, while having a strong crush on Aarron, and mixed feelings about Skyla.k

Created by: Darian

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  1. Your name is Denae: You are an average looking girl with average looks: Not fat, not skinny; size 10. Size Medium in tee shirts. Light brown hair and light brown eyes. You have shoulder length hair with bangs to your eyebrows. You shape Denae's destiny and this is how she starts out. For Starters, what do you most admire?
  2. Aarron Is The school jock: brown eyes, adorable brown hair, drop dead sexy, the works. Ryan: Kind've just a school outcast. Long, unkempt slightly greasy black hair. Dark eyes. which one does Denae think is hotter?
  3. There is A new girl at school. She is really pretty, blond hair, and blue eyes. You are asked to show her around school. At first you are shy, then finally you warm up to her. She asks to sit with you at lunch, will you?
  4. You're standing in the lunch line and two kids are behind you. You turn around and notice Skyla and Aarron. Skyla is just as beautiful as Anna, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny figure. Skyla gives you a dirty look, while Aarron looks you up and down...almost like he's checking you out; out of the following, which do you do?
  5. After your lunch line encounter, things start to get worse. You step out of line and a kid *purposely* trips you. You fall down then look up; it's Ryan, what do you do?
  6. Thankfully, lunch is over. You had been having rivalry with Ryan for a long time. But it was time to forget about that. Skyla was slipping a note into your locker. You grin and quickly run up to your locker. You open the note. It says: Hey, Denae, I think we should get to know eachother better, meet me after school in the parking lot, Love Skyla What do you do?
  7. You find another note in your locker. Surprise, surprise; with all of the weird crap happening today. You open it. Denae, I've liked you a while. But I'm scared to tell you for real. It doesn't have a name. What do you think?
  8. You're walking to class when Anna walks up beside you and tells you that she wants to hang out after school and you tell her to hang out with you and Skyla in the parking lot after school. Do you instantly regret telling her that?
  9. You walk into class; what is the first thing you pull out?
  10. You drop your pencil off of your desk. You bend over to pick it up. And when you sit back up, Ryan is snickering. A peice of paper with writing on it had previously been on my desk,, but now, it was paper with ink smudges across it, what do you do?
  11. You get out of school, later that day and see both Anna and Skyla in the parking lot, the both seem to be getting along very well. How do you make your entrance and greet them?
  12. You all agree to go to the mall, how do you transform Denae's look?
  13. You walk home when a guy pushes you into an alley and starts kissing you. It's Aarron. What do you do?
  14. You're still walking home when Ryan cuts you; what do you do?
  15. Ryan steps closer and admits he actually has a crush on you. What do you do?
  16. You go home and finally, your VERY freaky day is over, how do you end it?
  17. And you go to sleep at:

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