What is you're grade in life?

Everyone has different lives. We live from day to day. But how are you doing on living you life to the fullest? Well you should really find out I mean who wouldnt want to know how they're living their lives. This quiz will help you understand how you are doing. Hopefully well!!!! Of corse

Are you living it up or do you need some work? Take this quiz and find out what you need!!! Well youll be graded as if you're in high school again hahaha. A, B C D F. Lets see how well you are doing and if you arnt doing so well theres some great advice for you to follow!!!

Created by: Jazzeyka
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type of job do you have? (if not listed select something close)
  2. Do you enjoy your job?
  3. How is your love life?
  4. Do you do nice things for people whenever possible? Like hold open a door say hi, tell them they look nice, buy them gifts, get them get well cards when they're sick, visit nursing homes, community service etc.
  5. Do you eat healthy, work out, have good hygeine, clean your house well.
  6. Do you get out and enjoy what's going on around you. Other than walking to your car, or work.
  7. How would you spend your saturday and sunday?
  8. How do YOU feel about your life?
  9. What is your sexuality
  10. Are you blonde, brunette, or red.

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