What is your grade in life?

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What is your grade in life? Please note: I did not make this quiz to offend people. This quiz is to simply see how many life principles you have applied yourself.

There are Six areas that this quiz focuses on: Friends, Relationships, Athletics, Mental stability, Intelligence, and religion. Good luck! Hope you do well :P.

Created by: James Bond
  1. kk, so two things... One: This quiz is not 100% accurate, but it does have a lot of elements needed in life :P. Two: This quiz is rather long, so get ready for a beating O:. (No effect)
  2. Area one: Friends! (THIS question has no effect, but the others do :P)
  3. Whether your in school or working now or whatever, how many CLOSE friends would you say you have?
  4. So you're at lunch with your friends, and everyone is going on in their normal conversations. What are you doing as of now?
  5. You feel left out of a conversation that everyone else is participating in. How do you work your way in?
  6. Where would you say you've met most of your friends from?
  7. BE HONEST how do you think your friends would describe you?
  8. Alright, area two: Relationships! (THIS question has no effect, but the other ones do)
  9. How many relationships would you say you've been in? (HONESTY WILL WIN THIS QUIZ, NOT LIES)
  10. Going along with the next question, are you single right now?
  11. Do you plan to marry in the future? If so, do you plan to have kids?
  12. If your walking through the hall and you see a PDA couple, what are your thoughts?
  13. Area Three: Exercise! (THIS question has no effect, but the other ones do)
  14. How far do you think you would be able to run without you're dying for water?
  15. Do you play any sports?
  16. Would you prefer a gym workout or a home workout?
  17. How much weight would you say you could curl EFFECTIVELY?
  18. mmmmk, area four: Mental state! (THIS question has no effect, but the other ones do)
  19. At lunch, your talking with one of your friends casually. All of a sudden, they accidentally spill their powerade ALL over your new jeans! What do you do?
  20. How do you handle a problem or conflict that may come up in your life? (Such as an important test in math)
  21. How do you feel on a normal day?
  22. Alrighty, area Five: Intelligence! (THIS question has no effect, but the other ones do)
  23. Distribute this equation in under thirty seconds... GO!: 6(4x-7+3y)
  24. Newton's third law says that Every action has an equal and opposite ___________
  25. How would you find the acceleration of an object?
  26. What is the SI unit for Velocity?
  27. Which of these numbers is not a perfect square?
  28. K, area six: Religion! (THIS question has no effect, but the other ones do. If this area offends you, go ahead and continue to the end of the quiz)
  29. What would you do if I told you that there was a God, and he gave his only son to die for your sins, so that you may have a better life?
  30. K that was the only question under religion. Alright, this quiz is over! Good luck on your results! (No effect)

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Quiz topic: What is my grade in life?