Are you are REAL FIGHTER?!?

Many kids and people would like to be in war and make an effort for their country, religion, family or life. They fight for freedom and for being alive just one more day. Some get hurt, some others die. Some betray their own companions to live.

How about YOU?! Are You a veteran, a patriot or simply a guy that was forced into the army? Find out in just a dew questions! Remember that you will score higher if you are honest than maybe if you boast or brag or anyway answer in what you think would get you a higher score. I will finally compare you to a war character to describe you in war.

Created by: Ricky35
  1. If you fought in a war what war would it be?
  2. If you joined military, what branch would it be?
  3. In the army, what kind of assignment would you be registered in?
  4. You are surrounded by the enemy and there are 10 soldiers between your platoon and your objective that you have to blow up. How do you act to finish the mission?
  5. Favourite weapon out of these?
  6. What is your favourite fighter out of these?
  7. What does cod stand for
  8. what does mia mean?
  9. One of the enemy soldier surprises you with a machine gun on your back, what do you do to get free (he will shoot you any second)?
  10. Do you think you'll ever join the army (if not don't say you will)

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Quiz topic: Am I are REAL FIGHTER?!?