What country do you belong to?

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G’day, g’day everyone! Hope your all having a good day! Today this is a quiz about what country do you really belong to! No, not what country your from, the country, that lays deep inside your heart! Read my directions and follow my rules so you can have a great time with me! 🤗🤗

First, the questions and answers are very easy, and you should get done with them within the time that you take. Answer them one by one. No need to rush, unless you really have to wee or poo, or have to go somewhere, anyways, just take your time! RULES do not take this quiz seriously. If I get your favorite country wrong, do not get mad. If you swear, fight, or harass in the comments, I will block you. Sorry if I get anything wrong in this quiz, and sorry if there’s a lot of Australian questions in there because I’m Australian. Good luck!

Created by: Teressa Liz

  1. HIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!
  2. Let’s start!
  3. First where do you live?
  4. What flag(s) do you see the most in your country?
  5. What accent do you have?
  6. Do you understand what I’m “typing” G’day Arvo Loo Aussie Mate Lappy Barbie. (No, not in the doll, lol)
  7. Where is your parents from?
  8. What’s your favorite food
  10. What’s your fav animal?
  11. What colors are your flag?
  12. What’s your favorite restaurant?
  13. What color hair do you have?
  14. Let’s take a break. I’m gonna type sing to you!
  15. another song
  16. Ready to move on?
  17. What’s your favorite country?
  18. What’s your favorite band?
  19. Do you know what Uluru is?
  20. Do you know the British band “modern English?”
  21. Do you like beef and cabbage?
  22. Are you gonna comment or rate? ( you don’t have to, but it will make me very happy if you do! ) 🤗🤗
  23. I’m gonna miss you all!!!
  24. Bbbbyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!! 🇦🇺😭🤗
  25. Go see my other quizzes!

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Quiz topic: What country do I belong to?