What Type of Fighter are You?

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What type of fighter are you? It's a relatively simple question, if you think about it. I have made 3 or more quizzes before this, including If I Met You, Akumetsu Trivia and one more that I cannot remember.

Note - there are a lot more fighting styles than I entered as results; they include Samurai, Cavalry, Ninja and so many more. I didn't have a ton of time to spend on this today. Oh well. ^^

Created by: Prof. Asakuun Draconis of Profile: Asakuun
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  1. In the midst of battle, you see that you have lost use of whatever weapon you have. You:
  2. Would you want a falchion? (Falchion: curved-blade sword)
  3. Your hand was just cut off. You:
  4. Satan (or whomever you believe to be "evil") appears before you and demands that you give him your soul.
  5. The enemy has a demon on its side.
  6. Holy water/a cross
  7. Ambush: day, night or not at all?
  8. Would you be all right in my company? (I am a demon)
  9. How long would it take to travel across the Atlantic?
  10. So, that's all folks.

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Quiz topic: What Type of Fighter am I?