What type of Ultima IV character are you?

What Ultima IV class would you be? Ultima IV had a series of questions that you had to answer to determine what kind of character you would be in the game. These are those questions.

Would you be a Valiant fighter battling the enemy with sword and shield? Would you be a powerful Mage, reigning down destruction on those who oppose you? Or would you be a Humble shepherd, living your life in peace and simplicity? Take the quiz and find out!

Created by: Rusty
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  1. Entrusted to deliver an uncounted purse of gold, thou dost meet a poor beggar. Dost thou
  2. Thou hast been prohibited by thy absent Lord from joining thy friends in a close pitched battle. Dost thou
  3. A merchant owes thy friend money, now long past due. Thou dost see the same merchant drop a purse of gold. Dost thou
  4. Thee and thy friend are valiant but penniless warriors. Thou both go out to slay a mighty dragon. Thy friend thinks he slew it, thee did. When asked, dost thou
  5. Thou art sworn to protect thy Lord at any cost, yet thou knowest he hast committed a crime. Authorities ask the of the affair, dost thou
  6. Thy friend seeks admittance to thy Spiritual order. Thou art asked to vouch for his purity of Spirit, of which thou art unsure. Dost thou
  7. Thy Lord mistakenly believes he slew a dragon. Thou hast proof that thy lance felled the beast. When asked, dost thou
  8. Thou dost manage to disarm thy mortal enemy in a duel. He is at thy mercy. Dost thou
  9. After 20 years thou hast found the slayer of thy best friends. The villain proves to be a man who provides the sole support for a young girl. Dost thou
  10. Thee and thy friends have been routed and ordered to retreat. In defiance of thy orders, dost thou
  11. Thou art sworn to uphold a Lord who participates in the forbidden torture of prisoners. Each night their cries of pain reach thee. Dost thou
  12. Thou hast been taught to preserve all life as sacred. A man lies fatally stung by a venomous serpent. He pleads for a merciful death. Dost thou
  13. As one of the King's Guard, thy Captain has asked that one amongst you visit a hospital to cheer the children with tales of thy valiant deeds. Dost thou
  14. Thou hast been sent to secure a needed treaty with a distant Lord. Thy host is agreeable to the proposal but insults thy country at dinner. Dost thou
  15. A mighty knight accosts thee and demands thy food. Dost thou
  16. During battle thou art ordered to guard thy commmander's empty tent. The battle goes poorly and thou dost yearn to aid thy fellows. Dost thou
  17. A local bully pushes for a fight. Dost thou
  18. Although a teacher of music, thou art a skillful wrestler. Thou hast been asked to fight in a local championship. Dost thou
  19. During a pitched battle, thou dost see a fellow desert his post, endangering many. As he flees, he is set upon by several enemies. Dost thou
  20. Thou hast sworn to do thy Lord's bidding in all. He covets a piece of land and orders the owner removed. Dost thou
  21. Thou dost believe that virtue resides in all people. Thou dost see a rogue steal from thy Lord. Dost thou
  22. Unwitnessed, thou hast slain a great dragon in self defense. A poor warrior claims the offered reward. Dost thou
  23. Thou art a bounty hunter sworn to return an alleged murderer. After his capture, thou believest him to be innocent. Dost thou
  24. Thou hast spent thy life in charitable and righteous work. Thine uncle the innkeeper lies ill and asks you to take over his tavern. Dost thou
  25. Thou art an elderly, wealthy eccentric. Thy end is near. Dost thou
  26. In thy youth thou pledged to marry thy sweetheart. Now thou art on a sacred quest in distant lands. Thy sweetheart asks thee to keep thy vow. Dost thou
  27. Thou art at a crossroads in thy life. Dost thou
  28. Thy parents wish thee to become an apprentice. Two positions are available. Dost thou

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Quiz topic: What type of Ultima IV character am I?