What type of anime character are you?

This quiz was designed to give you some insight as to what type of anime character you would be if we lived in an anime world. You'd be surprised at what your results might be.

You may think the questions are useless but they are questions that will determine your character type. You may get results that are opposite of your personality, but mind you, this is no personality quiz. It's meant to tell you HOW you would be if you WERE an anime character.

Created by: Lala Yamada
  1. Which of these phrases best describes how you act?
  2. Which random lyric fits you?
  3. What word describes you the most?
  4. Which hobby would you rather do?
  5. What do you most likely do?
  6. What do you desire most?
  7. Favorite color out of these choices?
  8. Which is the worst?
  9. What would happen if you were extremely nervous?
  10. What is your best trait?

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Quiz topic: What type of anime character am I?