What Anime Character Are You Most Like 2

This is the second "what anime character are you most like". There are 10 results in this test as well (different from the first test), so if you want to see what anime character you are, take this test!

Time to find out what anime character you're most like! Are you like Rem (from Death Note), willing to do anything for your best friend? Are you like Tessa (from Full Metal Panic), who is shy but a leader among her peers? Time to find out!

Created by: lorlor
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  1. What is your favorite anime show?
  2. If you were walking with your friend in the forest and your friend got attacked by a bear, what would you do?
  3. Okay, so you managed to scare the bear off. Whew, that was close! Anyway, so soon enough you realize you're lost! What now?
  4. You're still lost and it's getting dark. You're both hungry and there isn't anything to eat.
  5. You managed to find some berries and they seem edible. You..
  6. So after eating the berries and getting full, you're tired. You hear growling noises in the distance, like wolves, and it doesn't seem safe where you are.
  7. Anyway, you find a safe place to sleep. In the morning, you hear the sound of hound dogs. Someone is hunting in this area!
  8. You manage to get home somehow, and your friend says, "Let's never do that again! I don't wanna get eaten by a bear!!"
  9. You're back at your friends house, with nothing to do. What now?
  10. Eventually you decide to go see a movie. What movie do you see?
  11. After the movie you go home. It's really later; you should sleep..
  12. pick one

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