Which Inuyasha Character Are You?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an anime character and who you would be? Well because I had to pick one anime, you have to be an inuyasha character but here is your chance! Just answer a few simple questions and get an answer!

Even if you haven't, it would still be fun! Try this quiz! Discover your inner-anime! This quiz could open up who you really are! And if you don't know the show it might give you a chance to meet the characters, learn about them! Come on! What are you waiting for???

Created by: Lauren
  1. When around others, I;
  2. I try to look;
  3. I want people to think of me as;
  4. To get what I want, I;
  5. When alone, I;
  6. For fun, I
  7. My favorite animal is:
  8. In order, I rate: family fun power.
  9. I think I will be:
  10. I want to be

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Quiz topic: Which Inuyasha Character am I?