What Inuyasha Character Are You?

In uyasha is a manga that soon developed into a tv series. They stopped at episode 167 while the manga continued. There is now a petition that 50,000 people must sign, you can bring InuYasha back sign the petition.

Are you kind and gentle or rough and mean. Are you more like InuYasha or Kagome. You could just keep asking yourself or you could take this quiz and find out. DO IT!

Created by: Ashley
  1. If you love someone do you show it?
  2. Do you like to run around and have fun?
  3. Do you have a love life?
  4. Do you love your family?
  5. If you had to chose between family or friend what would you chose?
  6. What eye color is your eye color?
  7. If you could have all the power in the world would you take it?
  8. I couldn't think of anymore questions...
  9. The quiz is going on so... Do you like ramen?
  10. The last one...

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Quiz topic: What Inuyasha Character am I?