What inuyasha character r u

My fave show is inuyasha and I wanted to make a quiz to share with everyone else so if u haz netflix search it up in ADULT MODE its TOATALY AWESOME!!!!!

So r u inuyasha kagome shippo Miroku or songo? No one knows untill u take this awesome quiz! It has reasonable answers about the charecters and u should try it

Created by: Kitten luver

  1. How would u feel if someone asks you out
  2. What do u do in ur free time
  3. Someone swears at u. What do u do?
  4. Whats ur fave color?
  5. How many times have u won in a vidio game?
  6. Someone attempts to kill u. What will u do?
  7. What do u think about this quiz so far
  8. Y r u doing this quiz
  9. Was this fun?
  10. Last question!

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