Which InuYasha character are you?

There are people that think they act most like InuYasha or Kagome. But have you REALLY thought about the others? Like Miroku, Shippo and Sango? There's also Koga!

Well, here's the quiz to find out if you're: Koga, Kagome, InuYasha, Miroku, Sango or Shippo. Take this 12 question quiz to see who you are. You may be surprised.

Created by: Sky Stanton

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  1. Are you shy about expressing your feelings?
  2. Would you defend someone you love?
  3. Want a muffin?
  4. How would you protect your friends?
  5. Would you die for your lover?
  6. How do you act around others?
  7. What time period do you prefer?
  8. What time period do you belong in?
  9. Do you like school?
  10. Lat question: ...are you a demon? Or want to be a demon?

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Quiz topic: Which InuYasha character am I?