Hogwarts Love story Pt8

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Year 4 is here! And it is the tri-wizard games! How are you coping with it. You'll make a best friend out of Fleur an elegant french girl. Does she help you with boy troubles?

Hey guys with quiz seven I mistakenly wrote it as Pt6 so there will be two on my page but the most recent one is Pt7. Just for the headsup just incase you are confused.

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. You decided while staying with Cedric you wanted a change so you cut your long raven black hair to a bob. When you got to the dining room where Cedric and his Dad was having last checks over what you were bringing to the wizards cup. Cedric stared up to you in shcok. "Wheres your wings birdie?" "They needed to be cut short.""Well I think it's a wonderful change Birdie."Mr Diggory said as he put his bag on. "Now let's get going shall we?" You nodded and put your bag over your black leather jacket and started the journey. When you got to the hill someone wrapped you in a hug. "Expelliarmus"Ginny and Hermoine flew back laughing. "I couuld've killed you!" You laughed as you helped them up. They giggled. You saw the twins and gave them a hug. "I got the ingredients for the firecrakers!""Wicked"They said in usions. "Who are those two?" Ginny butted in. "Holidays didn't go for that long Birdie.""Harry? Ron?"they nodded you ran into their arms for a hugg. "I am so sorry"
  4. You all started a climb. "What are we doing surrounding that manky old boot?" The twins butted in. "It's how we get there. You lie down and hold on to the boot" "It's technically a portkey."Hermoine said lying down next to Ron.
  5. You layed next to Cedric who held your hand as you teleported. Harry was screaming until you were outside your tents. "Nice seeing you guys!" You called as you went to the Diggory's tent. It ws finally time for the match and you and Cedric went to the Irish side. You cheered at the top of your lungs for when they won.
  6. "That was amazing!" You cried squeezing Cedrics arm. He laughed everything was fine until you heard screams. "Get to the tent!" Cedric ran and you flew. You got to safety and waited for Mr Diggory. You hid with Cedric until the screaming stopped. You left that day with the Diggory's wondering what went wrong.
  7. It was the day you went back to Hogwarts and you sat with Harry, Hermoine and Ron. They explained about the dark mark from Harry's wand.
  8. You finally arrived and went to the castle for the beginning of the terms feast. Dumbeldore announced that the tri-wizard competition would came that's when graceful french girls came in the boys started to whistle and the grils got jealous. Then it was the girls turn when hot russian boys came in the girls went ballistic.
  9. A pretty girl sat next to you. "Bonjour. I am Fleur." "Hi I am Birdie.""That is a really pretty name. "Thank you." From that instance you knew you were going to be the bestest friends with Fleur. After the feast was over you took Fleur to the Gryffindor girl rooms and you two slept in the tow beds closer to eachother.
  10. Cedric took you to where the cup was. "Wish me luck Bird."He jumped in and put his name in and it allowed him. "My go!" A pretty french accent said behind you. "Go Fleur!" You shouted as she came back. The next day you sat with Fleur and Hermoine when the twins came in with a crowd.
  11. "What are you doing?" "Entering into the games!With aging potions!" "Even if you use trickery the cup want let you in!"Hermoine called. "Nonsense!" They both called the skulled the drinks down they ran in but before tghey could put their names in the cup blew them out. The best part was that two elderly men faught that day and you couldn't stop laughing.
  12. You left to go and have a fly around the school and landed at the lake. "Didn't think I'd ever see you again, little bird."You turned and Draco was sitting in a tree he came down and you gave him a giant hug. "I missed you." What seemed like forever you both let go and blushed well we better be going Dumbeldores annuncing the winners." He nodded and you made your way to the dinning hall. Victor Krum, Cedric and Fleur were called but the cup called on one more. "HARRY POTTER!" you looked at him astounded. Hermoine pushed him up.

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