Love at Hogwarts Pt11

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Year 4 is here! And it is the tri-wizard games! How are you coping with it. You'll make a best friend out of Fleur an elegant french girl. Does she help you with boy troubles?

It's time to go sleeping and swimming! Who will rescue you first? It is time for the second challenge! Are you ready or not? Either way it's time to go under the waves!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. It was the day after the Yule Ball and it was time to meet Professor Mcgonagal. You met in Dumbeldores study. Hermoine, Ron and a little girl that looked alot like Fleur. "Birdie this Gabbrielle, Fleur sister"She smiled and you waved. "The next challeng is when the challengers go underwater to save you students of great significance to them.""We will put you in a deep sleep that will enableyou to breath underwater." "Sweet dreams!" Your eye lids became so heavy that you had to close them everything went black.
  4. You opened your eyes and you were at a cottage. It was where the orphanage described that they found you. Two people. "Birdie sweetie it's us your parents!" You ran to them crying. They sobbed as you hugged them. "Come in you'll live with us." You went on and voldemort was standing there. "Come on sweeie let's go to your room." They didn't see him. "Mum, Dad Voldemorts here!" "Nonsense." Voldemort was face to face with you. He grabbed your neck and choked you everything went black.
  5. You saw bright light. "Cedric Diggory is the first on up!" Somone pulled you to a stand and wrapped a towel around you. "Bird are you alright?" You saw Cedric concerned and you hugged him. "Birdie, I was worried sick where were you?" "How long was I missing?" "2 days." You couldn't deal with it anymore you fainted.
  6. You woke up in the hospital wing. Draco and Cedric were there. "Don't you have a girlfriend that you want to spend time with?" "Your more important right now!" He blushed. "I was under water for 2 days!" Dumbeldore came in. "Looks like you didn't have good dreams?" "What do you think?" he chuckled. "Having bad dreams especially with a spell can efect your health."and with that he left.
  7. The nurses released you the next day and you were running late to DADA. "Sorry, I'm late. They just let me out of the medical wing." "No need to worry. We were just learning how to avoid the imperior curse!" He said eyeing you as you sat next to Harry. Mad eye Moddy selected people from the crowd. First was Hermoine who tried to fight it but sang horribley. It went the same with everyone. Including Harry.
  8. Everyone was red with embarrassment and then it was your go. You felt the urge to jump. You prepared then thought. "Why would I?"The voice tried and tried but you ignored. "Remarkable. Class dismissed!"
  9. Fleur asked why everyone was so red in the face but they avoided the question. When you left the dining room Ron caught up with you.
  10. "Hey want to spend the free period with me?" "Sure. I have nothing better to do!" You went down to the quidditch feild. He asked alot of questions and a lot were just the same answers, "Yes," "No," "I was worried sick...." "Everyone was, Dumbeldore actually meant to have sweet dreams. Who would've knew?" He chuckled. Mcgonagal came. "No more underwwater stuff!" You pleaded. "No,no not for that. Do you know where harry and cedric is we need to speak to the champions."

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