Love at Hogwarts Pt9

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Year 4 is here! And it is the tri-wizard games! How are you coping with it. You'll make a best friend out of Fleur an elegant french girl. Does she help you with boy troubles?

Harry was called out by the tri-wizard game! How is that evenn possible? Who are you going to support in this event? Potter or Diggory? Enjoy Pt9 of this quiz!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. Dumbeldore tried to get Harry out of the situation but failed. Harry was now one of the components. "Harry......." He just shrugged. You couldn't sleep that night. You were to worried about Harry.
  4. You went to DADA but totally forgot that your new teacher was Mad eye Moody. "Today we are learning the five Unforgiviable curses! Who can name one!?" He pointed to Ron. "The....Imperio curse??""Yes that one with a simple wave of a wand can make the victim do whatever they want!" He got a spider out. "Imperio!" He shouted and the spider started to dance. He pointed to Neville. "The...the...the""Speak up boy!" "The crucio curse?" "the one that gives incredible pain. Your family must be used to it LongBottom. Crucio!" The spider started to scream. He pointed to you. "Avardakadavra." "Yes child! You cannot escape this one and you will die!" He brought you up to the table. "Now you can do it child!" "I....I...can't!" "Go back down you coward!" Now you weren't use to being called a coward. You took a deep breathe and whispered. "Avardakadavra..."The spider died on the spot. You ran to the bathroom. You started to vomit and cry.
  5. Harry came in with Hermoine. You couldn't help but cry even more. You felt so guilty. They comforted you but it only worked a little. You were glad it was potions next and you were sititng next to Draco.
  6. "When's the first challenge?" "After lunch..."He replied. You were soon dismissed. "Hey Draco, want to sit with me athe comp?" "Sorry, I am sitting with Pansey." "Pansey?""Yeah she's my girlfriend.""I thought you hated her?" At that exact moment Pansey came and hugged Draco. "Why are you talking to that gryffindor?" "That gryffindor has a name!" "Ohhh fisty are you jealous?" "Over my dead body, b----!" She was shocked at that moment Cedric walked passed and you joined him to the tent. Eyeing Pansey.
  7. "Goodluck out there. Don't get yourself killed!" He chuckled and kissed you. "C'ya on the feild.""Who was that?" "Fleur you know how to scare someone don't you! He's Cedric Diggory my boyfriend.""Olala" "Goodluck out there!" She hugged you and waited out the front. You turned around and saw this weird lady.
  8. "So you have connections to Cedric?" "Yes?" She started to interveiw you. You caught a glimpse of her notes. "We are not getting married!" She realised that you saw. "Now if you dare publish and fake news you can say goodbye to your career."About a minute later she tried to take pictures of you. "Not today!" You transformed and flew out of there. Cedric saw you and waved you saluted back.
  9. He got the egg from the dragon and you cheered. He ran back out and hugged you. You laughed. "Hope i didin't scare you?" "Nope." You said and kissed him on the cheek.
  10. "Birdie?" "Yes?" "Will you be my date to the Yule ball?" "Ofcourse!"you squealed with delight and laughed.

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