The Hogwarts Yule Ball

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Year 4 is here! And it is the tri-wizard games! How are you coping with it. You'll make a best friend out of Fleur an elegant french girl. Does she help you with boy troubles?

Hey guys! This is still part of the love at hogwarts and is still Pt10! I hope you are enjoying this quiz! Thanks for finding the time to read it! Now let's get on with the quiz

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. It was two weeks after Cedric asked you to be his date for the Yule ball and it was finally the night. Hermoine was asked by Victor Krum who she thinks is Hot. Fleur was asked by Bill, Ron's brother. And Ginny was asked by Neville. Fleur had a long tight misty sky dress. Hermoine had a pink ruffle dress. While Ginny had a green and pink dress that looked absolutely gorgeous. "i have nothing to wear.."You muttered. "Don't worry little bird I have the perfect thing for you!" Fleur pulled out a midnight blue dress. It was tight at the top then low and flowy at the bottom.
  4. Ginny and Hermoine offered to do your hair. You allowed them. They left it out but added a silver head peace. While Ginny and Hermoine was doing hair Fleur was giving you a smokey eye and red lips. "You look like Cinderella!" You laughed. "Guys you have to go!"Ginny reminded you, fleur and Hermoine. "Oh yes I forgot" You said and you and the girls started to walk in your highheels.
  5. You waited in the common room for your dates. Viktor came first wearing a red top and black jeans. He took Hermoines Hand and kissed it. She tured red as Ron's hair. Next Bill came. Fleur blushed as he took her hand and they walked off. Cedric didn't come.
  6. You were worried something bad has happened but then he came in a tuxedo. He gaped. "Bird?" "Yes?" "You look beautiful." You blushed and took your hand. You saw Harry back where you had to wait and he kept on staring at you. You waved but he didn't move until Mcgonagal called on you all to get in line.
  7. You and Cedric were out first. You eyed Draco who's mouth was wider than Harry's. You smiled and he let out small hi. You and the champions had the first dance. "No, I suck at dancing!" "You can't be that bad"Cedric laughed. It ws nice you may have stepped on his feet a couple of times but it was enjoyable. Afterwards you went to get a drink for you and Cedric. You met this girl who was sitting all alone. She wore a purple dress and her hair as white as snow. "Hello, I'm Luna" "I'm Birdie.""Such a pretty name for a moon blossom." You thought she was strange but she was really nice. You soon became best friends. You went back to find Cedric when you saw Ron and Harry sitting by themselves. "If I wasn't nice I wouldn't ask both of you to dance with me. But I am nice so can I have this dance, Harry and Ron?"They smirked and took your hands. You all started dancing. "I better get back to my date!" you waved bye and left to find Cedric he bumped into you and you started to dance with him
  8. "this night couldn't possibly get better"you smiled. "But is can!" Cedric said and kissed you. It wasn't hard but it wasn't soft it was just right
  9. The night was called short for the champions needed sleep.
  10. As you made your way to the common room, Mcgonagal calle don you. She said she needed to meet me tomorrow after first period.

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