Hogwarts Love Story Pt 16

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The castle is hectic. Every student and staff member is running around the castle to prepare for the Yule Ball. There are last minute dates, as well as crisis with outfit. Let's see how we handle this.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. The first event was now finished as all of the champions succeeded obtaining a Golden Egg. Harry suffered a sprained arm but managed to share first place with Viktor; Harry's final overall score was 40. Once the challengers returned to their houses, you could imagine that the champions were surrounded and pressured to open the Golden Egg. Fleur smiled and opened it with glee, however she dropped the egg as the most horrendous irritating shriek came out "Ambrosia, what do you think you're doing? Shut up so we can find out what's inside the egg!" You yelled after someone managed to shut it close, she released her hands and glared at you before turning away. All the champions were confused; whatever was in the Golden Egg was a clue to the next event. However, that is last week's news; Ron and Harry finally made up after what was displayed in the first event, Harry's arm is healed and you still received letters from Oliver.
  2. It was a snowy day which meant Christmas was drawing near, you were at the Owlery receiving your weekly letter from Oliver. You grazed the snowy owl's beak as you read Oliver's letter {It's been hard now. The Captain said if I don't put in some effort or a change by the next game, I'm out for the season. I don't know what I'll do. Maybe, for the holidays we can go home and spend it together? I think that will definitely change my performance} After reading the letter, you were filled with an overwhelming sense of depression. You couldn't spend the holidays with Oliver because that was when the Yule Ball will be held and Fleur already offered you a spare dress she had and you already made a promise to Cedric. You turned your head towards the snowy owl "What do I do?" The owl flew away to join some of her friends. If it implied that you should just stay and have fun with friends; then you wish it was that simple.
  3. You were on your way to leave when Harry entered the same time you were leaving, you both shared a friendly smile and waved goodbye. However, it was hard getting out because the direction you moved, Harry followed; you thought you'd be there for hours until you directed Harry where to go. You were now outside; you laughed and warned Harry to be careful as some of the steps were slippery. You were about to walk down until "_______!" Harry came running out, you turned and smiled "Yes?" Harry seemed a loss for words as he began to stutter "I-Uhm, I-I was just wondering ifmaybeyou'dliketogototheballwithme?" He said without taking any breaths, it was also hard to understand because a barn owl was screeching in the back. "I'm sorry. I didn't catch that..." You started to fear what Harry was about to ask "Uhm, I was just wondering if you'd like to go to the Ball with me?" He said in a more calm tone
  4. A gut wrenching feeling took control over you "Oh, Harry...I'm sorry but somebody's already asked me, and well, I said I'd go with them..." You quietly said as you moved up a step, his face drained and his face was expressionless "Okay, yeah! Fine! No problem! Okay, good!" He said as he turned around "I'm-I'm really sorry" but before you could say anything else, he was already gone. You stood there for a while and tried to think on the bright side, there was none. You headed back to the common room to write your letter to Oliver. Your response to Oliver was simply that you had plans, it pained you receiving his next letter because he replied {No worries!} You couldn't bear to lie to his face. The Yule Ball was later this evening and all the teachers cancelled lessons to prepare the students for the ball. Your head was clearly not focused
  5. The following day, your house and the Gryffindor house were to prepare to dance for the ball. Sure enough, you had to waltz; memories from that night with Draco filled your head causing you to turn a light pink, Fleur nudged you and whispered in your ear "Imagine if Draco was here, he asked you to dance and Pansy will probably pass out." You couldn't help but to laugh; Professor McGonagall called you out to pay attention. Professor McGonagall was explaining how there is a swan in every girl longing to spread its wings; Ron made a side comment causing him to be Professor McGonagall's dancing partner "Now, put your right hand on my waist." Ron's face dropped to Professor McGonagall's request; Fred, George, Harry and some of the Gryffindor boys snickered "Where?" "My waist and extend your arm!" Professor McGonagall snapped as Ron was about to signal a rude gesture. Mr.Filtch played music and Fred and George were in the far corner swaying to it.
  6. It was an interesting lesson once you were asked to give it a try. You danced with Neville who was quite good, Fred and George who personally love doing fancy spins and dips, Ron who stepped on your foot every once in a while but when it came to Harry. "Do you want to take a go at it, Harry?" You asked as you walked over to Harry extending your arm. "I think I'll sit this one out" You frowned but you simply weren't going to tolerate his attitude, this time you will be assertive. You grabbed both of his wrists and pulled him up dragging him onto the dance floor "You can't stay mad at me forever." You said as you held his hand while placing the other on his shoulder; he looked down as was hesitant placing his hand on our waist. You laughed and helped him by doing it for him "Don't worry. I'll guide you." You took the lead and began to slowly waltz, you maneuvered trying to bump into anyone else; at times Harry would look down to watch his feet "It's best if you would look straight in my eyes. I'll guide you don't worry." You smiled as you lifted Harry's chin. He gave a baring smile and did as you said. However, it was different unlike the other, his green eyes showed no emotion
  7. After another few waltz around the floor, Harry finally ended it as well as many others. Professor McGonagall was satisfied with how it all turned out and dismissed everyone. Harry and Ron were to first to leave, they were set with finding last minutes date; apparently when Ron asked Hermione, she stated that she already has a date and was furious when Ron went to her as a last resort. You and Fleur left and decided to head to the common room to prepare for the Ball since it was tonight and you wanted to look your best because the Champions had to do an opening dance. You were on your way there discussing what you should do with your hair when you saw Draco. "Draco!" You smiled, you haven't seen him outside of class "Oh hey, I'd love to chat but I have to meet someone. I'll see you at the Ball!" He yelled out as he zoomed pass, you shot Fleur a very confused look but didn't mind as you had other things to worry about.
  8. As the two of you headed back to the common room, you instantly saw a wave of fourth to seventh year girls in a state of panic as they all hurried to get ready. You watched as Ambrosia was wearing a strapless midnight blue satin gown which was drop dead stunning but not on her. It was now, three hours before the ball would start; you and Fleur instantly rushed to prepare yourselves. Fleur took out your dresses; hers was a long flowing white satin dress which was absolutely beautiful as it came with a translucent sash. For your dress, you had a feeling you weren't going to pull it off; it was a lilac satin dress similar to Fleur's but this one was strapless "Are you mad? Does it look like I have the upper body for that?" You blurted out, Fleur was in no time to argue with you for the ball was now two hours and forty five minutes away.
  9. Every girl was now in a crisis; there was now only thirty minutes before you were supposed to meet with your date, however the champions and their dates were supposed to be there early, only to put more pressure on you. Fleur had her long golden blond hair down accessorized with a silver butterfly clip. "You look absolutely gorgeous." You smiled as you exited the bedrooms to find Fleur waiting for you, she thanked you and said the same about you. You wore the dress she chose for you with your hair down and loosely curled; you were still insecure about it all but maybe some reassurance would change everything. You grabbed Fleur's hand and exited the common room, only to see Roger Daveis and Cedric Diggory waiting for you. Their jaws drop and Cedric managed to pull a smile on his face; they both were wearing midnight black dress robes and Cedric's hair was slightly messy but he managed to pull it off. "Well?" You asked as you shyly stepped into the light "What do you think?" He couldn't help but smile, he bowed down and grabbed your hand; he gently gave it a small kiss before standing up straight and looking you in the eyes. "I think Orion's belt is missing a star. You truly are the most dazzling beautiful girl; I ever laid my eyes on." He smiled as he drew you close "Shall we go?"
  10. OKAY GUYS. This part, I'll admit is rushed and sloppy once again but I hope you'll forgive me because I really wanted to work on Part 17 and release it today because today is also my last day. I wrote this in thirty minutes. Okay, I'm going to write it now bye x

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