Hogwarts Love Story Pt 14

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Let's see how a new day dawns after an interesting day with Draco. You'll never know what may happened at Hogwarts, everyday is filled with surprises.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Last night ended terribly, your eyes were bloodshot red, puffy and ached as you tried to close them. You and Fleur were up early, you managed to take a small nap but however, it didn't suffice as you both were awake before dawn could hit. Fleur walked over with a cup of hot herbal tea, you thanked her as she grabbed it; a sip of the tea invigorated your senses and filled you with a greater warmth. You've already explained to Fleur what happened between you and Draco and also Oliver. "Now may not be a good time, but there's a letter from Oliver. It came in the mail after classes end." Fleur said in a soft spoken voice. You placed the cup on the table as you placed your elbows on your knees, rubbing your face. Now was definitely not the time.
  2. You picked the letter up from the table and sighed. It pained you to open it, if certain events didn't occur; you would have been ecstatic but at this moment, you dreaded it. You opened the letter with deep sorrow and began to read the contents.
  3. "I really don't know how to start this but guess; I should start with a Hi. I'm glad that you're safe; it wasn't strange that I woke up out of bed because I must have thought it was another Quidditch accident but then, you came to mind. You should have seen the nurses and doctors trying to sedate me because I was freaking out. My parents told me in the end what happened. So, I guess you're at Hogwarts by the time you get this; how was your first day back? You didn't fall I to anyone's arms did you? Haha! _______, I really miss you. It all became clear to me that we're finally separated, going our own ways. I can barely tolerate it but I know that if we keep in touch, we'll never be apart. I can't wait for your reply! Be sure to tell me everything. Love Oliver" You folded the letter and placed it on the table, you brought your hand to your face and sighed "It wasn't as bad as I thought but it was still bad..." You mumbled to Fleur as she sat there concerned.
  4. You told Fleur was Oliver wrote, she told you that it was the best idea to write to him. You know that she was obviously right but the problem was what were you going to say? Tell him everything that happened? You weren't, you would tell him everything but not in detail, just leaving out the part with Draco. No harm would come out of it, you hoped. It was hard to write back but it just simply had to be done. Morning rose and you had just finished writing the letter, Fleur left to go freshen up. Once you were finished, you headed to do the same; it felt refreshing to change from an old dingy uniform and into a new fresh scented one. You were now ready to face the new day.
  5. You started off classes, it went well except in D.A.D.A; Draco sat directly behind you, so when you had to turn around every once in a while, you couldn't help but to stare in his grey eyes. It felt as you've reached a new level of awkwardness. It was already free period; you headed to the courtyard to possibly perhaps start your first day of work. Sure enough, the twins did come, facial hair free with a basket of- well, you really didn't know what was inside, but you did know that you were in for an interesting day. "Good Morning! Are you ready for your first day on the job?" Fred smiled as him and George walked over towards you, you looked up with the sun gleaming down on your face. "Is that a trick question?" You said, forcing an upbeat tone out of you. The twins took a seat beside you and placed one of the baskets on your lap "What are these?" You acted puzzled as you stared into the basket that contained an assortment of pink, ruffled boxes and vials. "They're products." "Love potions to be exact"
  6. You were baffled, out of all things the first day on the job had to be affiliated with Love Potions. You tried to calm your nerves before you reacted "What do I have to do?" You said as you were hoping the outcome would be not end up on a negative side. "Give them out." Fred laughed to your question as if it should have been obvious "Just give them to people who really need a boost in the department in relationships." "Like Ron for example" George said straightforward, Fred gave a chuckle while you just sat there "But you have to act very cute, peppy and non-sarcastic." Fred added. You had no idea how that would turn out but you gave it a try "Hi! I couldn't help but noticing that you've been trying to get that girl's attention" You said with the voice of a peppy cheerleader, you tried it out on George who just happened to be bright red as a tomato by your attempted trial. "It's pretty nerve wracking talking to girls' right? Especially pretty ones, but I just got the thing for you! Try these, made by the Weasley Brothers! It's sure to work and by the end of the night, that girl would be all over you!" You ended off; you were disgusted at the amount of energy it took out of you "Do I really have to?" You whined
  7. "You're a natural! Just do that to all the guys and girls and by the time we open up shop. These will sell like butter beer!" Fred smiled as he picked up one of the Love Potions as spun it around, George's head was turned around and covered "You alright Georgie?" Fred asked while placing the Love Potion back in the basket "Wha-? Yeah, I'm all fine. Everything is fine. _________, we'll come back and check on you on a few. Let's go Fred!" George said breathlessly as he whisked away Fred; leaving you there with a lot of products for distribution "What did I get myself into?" You did exactly what you did to George; some of the people were keener on you talking to them rather the object at hand. It was all very uncomfortable for you especially when you found out that you've given one to Cedric's friends. Cedric couldn't help but stare at you. "Run, Run, Run now!" You said to yourself, you were I the Great Hall when it happened, so on your way out you bumped in "D-Draco..."
  8. You fell into Draco's arms; you were greeted by a strong scent of apples. The beating of your heart again, matched a hummingbird flapping its wings. You were torn when you were close to him once more, the warmth he gave made it all the more likely to leave. "I-I'm sorry." You said as you backed off trying not to make eye contact; Draco reached out his hand to grab a love potion. "Cupid Crystals, are they? This pretty much goes everything you stand by. Ironic isn't it?" He chuckled as he threw it back into the basket, you gave the handle a tight squeeze and nodded your head "I ha-" "Are you going to shut me out of your life?" Draco said as he ran his fingers through his hair "N-now what gave you that idea?" You quietly said almost inaudible "Then look at me." He sharply said, it pained you to lift your head but it would have him the wrong message if you didn't. You slowly tilted your head up, fearing to meet his grey eyes but as you made eye contact with him he smiled
  9. You feared you'd come across the eyes of hatred but when you saw his gentle smile, it suddenly gave you hope. Draco lifted his hand, you thought he was going to run his fingers through his hair but he ended up giving you a gentle tap on the head "That's for being an idiot." He said bluntly, quickly the spark of hope you saw vanished. "I know. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to end off like that, that was clearly not my intention but, I know you're mad at me and-" "I was never mad at you, why would I be? If anything, I was mad at myself." You were aghast, for Draco to say that it was his fault, did strike you as odd "Your fault? How could it possibly be your fault?" "I know it is. I shouldn't have...kissed you last night. Besides, I already knew you didn't feel the same for me, I feel I kind of pressured you into the moment." However, that was not the case; you wanted that to happen because right then and there you genuinely fell for Draco. You were hesitant with your response which only made it clear to Draco that he was right.
  10. "Don't worry. I know I'm no Oliver, at least that night was indeed rewarding." He laughed; your instant reaction was punching him on the arm yet couldn't resist laughing as well. "Well, I should let you carry on with...whatever you're doing. See you later." He smiled before swiftly turning around and headed upstairs. Right then and there you were puzzled; you were happy that Draco wasn't mad at you but however, you were upset that he thinks he pressured you into kissing him when you really wanted to. You groaned and dropped your arm letting them dangle in the air, nonetheless you continued with the task at hand; distributing love potions. It was a very awkward job as you encountered some very socially awkward students that you've never met at Hogwarts before; it also had its price when you were talking in such an upbeat fashion that people like Pansy Parkinson and Ambrosia couldn't help but mock you. Ambrosia and Pansy became friends in an instant because they had one thing in common; despising you. You managed to throw a Love Potion at Ambrosia when she turned her head and shout "For the next time, you're in need of a boyfriend!"
  11. Half an hour later, you FINALLY managed to give out everything. You thought that Fred and George used the Gemino charm, because every time you managed to give one away; the contents did not get smaller but it eventually did. You sat in the Great Hall at your house table taking a break; you rested your head against the wood and tried to shut your eyes. "Had a tough day working for my brothers?" A voice hovered over you; you opened one eye to see Ron standing with Harry. "Well, I've spent the last half hour sounding like a peppy cheerleader...with no breaks" You laughed as you sat your body up right, the two took a seat beside you. "I'd love to see that!" Harry teased as he placed his books on the table; you shook your head telling him it would be horrific if he ever saw you like that. "I doubt it. With your looks and charm, I'm surprise you didn't sell out as soon as you started." Ron said as he was so sure of himself, you made a face at Ron "Am I attractive now?" The three of you laughed at the sight of your face but for all the right reasons
  12. "Oh, good all of you are here!" Hermione said as she came running in and taking a seat beside you. Her hair was bushier than usual, seeming as if she was in a rush. "Where have you been all this time?" Ron asked as he leaned in closer to the table, trying to get a look at her. "I've been in the Library." She said in a calm tone "Honestly, why do I even bother asking. Of course you'd be there." Ron said as he rolled his eyes, "So, why is it good that we're all here?" You asked as you directed your attention to Hermione. Just then, a wave of students came barging through the doors, not just Hogwarts students; Beauxbatons students as well as those from the Durmstrang Institution. Fleur took a seat beside you; Hermione seemed rather taken back while Ron and Harry were basked in her beauty. At the front, you saw all the teachers entering the hall; of course, Dumbledore walked up to the center of the hall, where the Goblet was left. "Sit down, please..." Dumbledore gestured to the students that were still looking for a place to sit. "Now the moment you've all been waiting for, the champions selected!"
  13. Dumbledore dimmed the fire around the Great Hall as the place illuminated in a majestic sapphire light. Dumbledore walked closely to the Goblet with his hand extended out to the fire, it was quiet all around; Draco turned his head towards you and smiled "What's Malfoy smiling at?" Ron blurted to the four of you, Fleur turned her head towards you; you just gave her an expressionless ha. As the attention went back to Dumbledore, the Goblet shined with a ruby red flame similar to when Fred and George were zapped. A seared piece of paper was floating in the sky; Dumbledore caught it in mid-air and flipped it around to see the name "The Durmstrang champion is...Viktor Krum!" Those at the Slytherin table roared with cheer as those in Slytherin and Durmstrang were proud of Viktor; Dumbledore congratulated him as he walked up to the front before sending him off to the back.. The Goblet shined once again, this time releasing a seared yet elegant piece of parchment "The champion from Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour!" Dumbledore announced, you shot up out of your seat and gave Fleur a congratulatory hug. She couldn't help but to have a huge smile on her face as she walked up and was congratulated by Dumbledore.
  14. There was now two out of three champions, the last one would represent Hogwarts; you imagined if Oliver was here and he wasn't chosen, he would dive into that blazing Goblet just to take out his name. Dumbledore once again, walked up to the Goblet and the last final name arose from the flames "The Hogwarts champion, Cedric Diggory!" The whole room erupted with cheer but the Hufflepuff table had to be the loudest amongst all. You also cheered and clapped but suddenly stopped as Cedric looked over at you and smiled. "I think Cedric recognized us Harry!" Ron said as he obliviously waved at Cedric who suddenly frowned. You couldn't help but to release a chuckle "THAT'S IT!" Dumbledore roared as he swiftly turned around, walking down the aisle "We now have our three champions! Only one will go down in history" Dumbledore soften his voice as Mr.Crouch walked into the hall holding what seemed to be a chalice but it was cloaked by a brown piece of fabric "Only one will hoist this chalice of champions, this vessel of victory" When Mr.Crouch set the cloaked object down, Dumbledore swiftly turned around and the sheet went flying off "The Tri-Wizard Cup!" Again, the Tri-Wizard cup shined in the light with its bright blue light. It was a beauty for the eyes but its attention was lost when the Goblets flamed turned a rich red once more, another paper flew up into the sky. Dumbledore catching it in midair one last time, his heart seemed to have stopped. The named left his lips but only those close to him could make of what he said "Harry Potter?" Dumbledore said more clearly, turning around looking for Harry; who've seemed to duck his head behind Ron "HARRY POTTER!" You nudged Harry to get up while Hermione went around and lifted him up. "Harry, what kind of trouble did you get yourself into now?" You said to yourself as you watched him walked up to the front.
  15. I could have sworn that I added this before I published. Anyways, I'm going to be releasing Pt 14.2 since this part in the story is very lengthy. I'm sorry that this wasn't up to your expectations but some of you seemed to have enjoyed it already. In the next, there will be more of Harry, Cedric and Neville. So stay tuned and stay magical!

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