A Simple Hogwarts Story Pt 1

Hey everyone. This is a Hogwarts romance quiz and it would be nice if you all can take it. It is my first quiz so dont be so hard on me. I wish you all the luck in getting the character you like!

Do you think you will get the guy you like? lets hope so because this quiz can truly change your feeling about some of the characters. in just a few minutes you will find out your result

Created by: Harry_PotterFan
  1. 1. Okay, so you're now starting your third year at Hogwarts and you're very excited. You can't wait to see all your friends and go into your cosy common room in Gryffindor. (Sorry if you don't like that house!) I hope you have fun in this quiz. It's my first time!
  2. So September 1st is here and your luggage and you are ready XD. Time to go onto platform 9 ¾. You're in the train where you see Harry, Ron and Hermione. Harry comes up to you and say, "Hey _________! Hope you had a great summer!" You reply:
  3. You sat with them as there was no other compartment and every time you speak, Ron looks at you. You noticed that but didn't care so you asked Hermione, "What are you reading there?" she said, "Oh! It's an Arithmancy book. It seems like a fascinating subject. Are you doing it too________?" "Oh no, sadly but I'm more interested in Defence against the Dark Arts. I wonder who the new teacher is. " "Hmmm _______ you do look like the type to be interest in that subject, "said Ron. It was the first time he spoke since you were in the compartment and then he put his head down. Your thoughts:
  4. Hermione was telling you, "I wished I knew you in first year. It's too bad we met in the ending of second year. Who else do you know at Hogwarts?" you reply:
  5. She said, "Well that's not too bad now is it? She looked out the window and was going to say something but apparently Harry said it for her, "We'll be arriving at Hogwarts soon. We'd better change into robes. When you were done, you were thinking:
  6. When you were coming out of the train, holding your pet owl and you bent down to tie your shoelaces, you heard someone talking about you, " Sooo....Draco, you excited to see ___________? Isn't she the pretty one that you like even though she's from Gryffindor?" Draco said hastily, "we'd better get going. Don't want to be late for the feast." You think:
  7. You hurried to the great hall where someone shouted, "________ over here! Come sit with us. We saved you a seat. Hurry now." You turn to see Ron, Harry and Hermione beaming at you. You go to join them and got comfortable in your seat. You heard the knocking of the glass where Professor McGonagall was sitting. She said, "Everyone, Can I have your attention please?" Everyone became quiet and Dumbledore started, "Good evening students. Welcome to all of you. I would like to remind you not to go into the Forbidden Forest. It is strictly known that students are not allowed in there. Also, I have two staffing changes. Professor R. J Lupin will be joining us and will be filling the post for Defence against the Dark Arts while I am glad to say that Rubeus Hagrid will be filling the post of Care of Magical Creatures. Now, I only have two words for you, Tuck in!" the food looked delicious but you only ate a sandwich. After dinner, you went into the common room where you saw two red headed boys glancing towards you every few seconds. Your thoughts:
  8. You were still in the middle of the room and a scared looking boy bumped into you by mistake. He said, "Hi ______ I am really sorry. How are you?" you replied, "Umm....how do you know my name? "Doesn't everyone?" he chuckled and added, "by the way, I'm Neville. Neville Longbottom." "Hi Neville. Nice to meet you." You and Neville talked for quite a while until it was late and everyone went to bed. You soon realised that Neville is a good friend, loyal and honest. You bid him goodnight and when you entered your dormitory:
  9. You woke up in the morning to the sound of Cruikshank's meowing. (Hermione's cat). You were fresh and ready in no time to start your day. The subjects you were taking were Defence against the Dark Arts, Potions, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. Your first class was divination. After eating breakfast, you went up to the north tower by yourself but then realised it was too early so you:
  10. After a half an hour or so, you go back up to the tower and entered. The only vacant seat was next to two boys in the back. You asked politely if you can sit with them and they agreed without hesitation. When you were seated, a misty voice came out from the dark, "My dears, you have come to study the noble art of Divination. My name is professor Trawlneley." She looked like a giant insect and was quite boring. As you were falling asleep, the bell rang for your next class. You headed to the common room and got your books, while you were walking to go outside; you tripped causing your books to fly in all directions. The boy who tripped you picked up your books and took you by the hands and picked you up from the floor. "Hi," he said, "My name is Draco Malfoy. I am terribly sorry for tripping you." You replied, "Hi Draco. It's okay. My name is---""no need to tell me your name. I already know it. It's _______ right?" "Yes it is. Well thanks Draco. See ya around." You were thinking:
  11. Now, you're heading to Hagrid's cabin and fixing your papers into place when you bumped into a tall boy who didn't seem to know where he was going. You fell and he rushed to pick you up, "I am so sorry. My name is Oliver Wood." He lifted you off the ground and picked up your books. "I am sorry again." You said, "Oh no. it's okay, really. My name is _______." "Nice to meet you, _________. If you need anything, I'll be there since I owe you one. Bye!" "Bye Oliver". With that, you were at Hagrid's cabin but your thoughts were:
  12. "Finally, we found you!" yelled Ron. You walked towards them and realised that Hermione's looking sour. You asked her, "What happened Hermione?" she didn't answer so you thought that was rather rude of her so you turn but Ron piped up and you turned towards them again, "Hermione's being like this because Professor Trawlneley said she didn't have the right aura for Divination." She glared at him and snapped her book shut, "well if pretending to see death signs in a lump of tea leaves, I don't think I'll be studying that anymore. That class was rubbish compared to my Arithmancy class." and with that, she stormed off. You three were left there in awkward silence. Your thoughts:
  13. You were interrupted by the sneering voice of Draco Malfoy harassing Harry. Soon enough, Hagrid came out of his cabin accompanied by Hermione and when you started to walk towards the forest, you noticed that your ankle was sprained. Ron asked, "_______ are you okay?" "i-I think I need to go to the hospital wing." Harry said, "I'll go tell Hagrid. And Ron and I will take you. Just sit here for a minute." Soon later, you saw them coming out of the forest running towards you. Harry lifted you but you told him to put you down but again, when you tried to walk, you failed so ron and harry made you put your arms around them for you to go up the stairs and when they arrived, Madam Pomfrey came to you and asked what happened. You explained and harry was in fury that Draco tripped you but you said that it was okay and that he should get back to class but he wanted to stay with you and Madam Pomfrey said, "Well, on your own head, it be." You think:
  14. Okay lovies. This quiz is done and I hope you liked it. I am truly sorry you didn't get to meet everyone but in the next quiz, you will. It's being written as we speak. I want to add shout outs to my friends @ Vanasha for pushing me to finish the quiz. @ Shriya for inspiring me on doing another quiz and @ Ashrena for making me happy and helping me when I'm at writer's block.

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