Hogwarts Love Story Pt 7.2

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Ouch! Ron really got you there, how is it going to go between you and Oliver now that the past has "slipped" it's way into the present. Someone has some explaining to do & how will Oliver take it?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. You regret the moment you stepped into Honeydukes. You regret the moment you didn't turn Oliver away from Ron when you had the chance. You regret the moment you didn't tell anyone what happened that night when Ron kissed you sooner. You loosen your grip and took your hand back, as you were about to you felt Oliver's hand flinch which broke your heart a little. You can tell that he didn't want to let go of your hand. The feeling was mutual. "___________. Is there something you need to tell me? What did he mean by that?" He said without looking at you while you looked at him from the corner of your eye with your head slightly turned towards him. The students in Honeydukes drowned your thoughts; however Ron's voice seemed to repeat over and over in your head. "I heard she likes kisses, I would know" You should your head violently and snapped back to reality "I wouldn't know. I haven't talked to Ron the past couple of days." You lied, he gave a sigh "Look __________, if something happened you c-" "It's nothing! Don't worry, let's jut buy whatever we came to get and enjoy the rest of the day." You said as you cut him off, you couldn't bare to hear those words. You turned to face him and smiled. He forced a smile and turned away from you.
  2. He wandered off into the store looking at the different displays of candy. You were by yourself, you wanted to clear your mind before you met up with Oliver later on. (Psst!) You heard a noise as you were standing beside the colorful candy jars. (Psst!) The noise came from your right. As you turned around to see what was making the annoying sound, you saw a girl with fair skin & light brown hair peeking through the aisle. "Oh hey, Ambrosia" You said and smiled but truthfully, you didn't want to be with anyone at this moment. She happily skipped towards you with a huge smile on your face."Hiya~ Oh, you know same old. More importantly, how is it going?" She smiled as she placed her hands in her pocket. You sighed and looked over to see Oliver with some of his friends. "Could be better. It's been...interesting." You shrugged and looked at Ambrosia "Well, that's a story worth hearing." She said with a eager face which tipped you off
  3. Before you could say anything else, Oliver walked over and stood beside you. He didn't say anything but awkwardly smile. "Oh! Well, Uhm...So..." You notice Ambrosia began to stutter and walk away with a shade of pink on her face but you called out. "Oliver, this is Ambrosia, the girl I was talking about. Ambrosia, Oliver." "Nice to meet you" He smiled and nodded "I'm just about to pay then..." Realizing where he was coming from you nodded "Uhm, Ambrosia. I'll talk to you later." With that you've seperated from Ambrosia and walked to the cashier with Oliver but you couldn't help to notice the look on Ambrosia's face when Oliver appeared.
  4. Disregarding the look on Ambrosia's face, you stood beside Oliver who was paying the cashier. "Thank you" He smiled which made your heart race. He turned to you with a content look on his face which made your heart drop, he smirked and lifted one eyebrow. "Are you all done?" You felt really bad for what Oliver was going through, you thought at this point it was better to forget rather than bring it up. You nod your head. With that said, you both headed out the store and into the cold streets of Hogsmeade. It wasn't as cold to the cold shoulder Oliver was giving you.
  5. Nothing you did or said triggered a response from Oliver. You pulled back your hand & looked away. "Hey, let's go see Fred & George. They're probably looking at this abandon store not too far from here." Relieved that he spoke to you, you were hurt that he didn't look you in the eyes. "Oliver..." You said with a quiet tone as the both of you started walking. "Hmm?" He said with his hand in his pockets, at time from time blowing his hands to keep warm. You wanted to tell him, you couldn't bare with this type of attitude he was giving you. However, it was the reason you were holding back. "No-nothing." You immediately looked down and buried your mouth into your jacket. "I see. Fred & George asked for my opinion for this joke shop they're planning to open. I'm always there for them." He hesitated and you saw him bring his head down "For anyone..." He said. As you turned to face him, you found out he was staring at you but pulled away when you looked at him.
  6. Any minute and you were going to snap. You manage to hold it in till you saw two red headed boys staring at a large two story building. "What are we going to do for the front?" George asked as he placed his four finger above his eyes and looked up "Something eye catching." Fred said as he was looking at a piece of parchment which happened to be a sketch of the building "Flashy is better, right?" "Not too gaudy." "Or tacky." "Something...Wicked!" The twins were going back and back but at the end they did what they were known for, being in unisons. You laughed at such unisons, they turned around and smiled. "Hey guys!" The both smiled "Hey guys, how are the plans coming along?" A look of sadness overwhelmed their them as they sulk when Oliver asked how things were going. "Let's see, if we manage to see our finished & working products" George started off and tilted his head so he can scratch the back of his neck. "throughout year 4. We might see a SLIGHT dent in opening our shop." Fred ended off while rolling his piece of parchment. "Guys, if there's anything I can do, anything. I'm here." Oliver smiled and the twins immediately gave him a giant Weasley twin hug.
  7. When the twins released Oliver, things went from worst to disastrous. "So, how's the date?" Fred winked as he nudged Oliver in the right rib cage. George gave a laugh and softly punched Oliver's jawline which motioned his head to the right. You immediately looked up when they began to converse. Oliver looked directly at you, he noticed your pupils were smaller than usual and that you looked uneasy but to anyone else, it seemed you were fine. "It's going..." He hesitated and gave a sigh and looked down "great. I couldn't find any other way to spend the day." By his words, you shot your head up and stared at him. He smiled and looked down "Right?" He brought his head up and a huge smile formed on your face "I couldn't agree more." Your arms were in need of a hug and although your face hurt, you couldn't stop smiling. Despite what happened earlier, you didn't know why Oliver said that.
  8. "Aw, well aren't you two hitting it off?" George said messing up Oliver's hair "Why are you with us? You should be spending time with your girl!" Fred smiled as he pushed Oliver towards you, in the process of doing so he lost balance and grabbed onto you. You manage to support him without falling. When he stood up proper, you were face to face, staring into his light brown eyes which made your heart race rapidly. "D-Do you wa-want to-uhm-there's this place I want to take you..." Oliver stuttered as he was staring into your eyes. Your hands held onto his forearm, you were trying to find words but you were speechless staring into his eyes. You nodded your head. Oliver turned around to say good-bye to Fred and George but they were already gone. He turned back at you and smiled.
  9. To your actions, Oliver tilted his head up and blushed uncontrollably. "You need to close your eyes. I want it to be a surprise." He said as you broke apart. You closed your eyes and he grabbed your left hand and began to walk; surrounded by darkness, the only sound you can hear are the sound of your feet pressing against the snow. "Can I ask you something?" You said to get rid of the silence, he gave a small laugh "Anything" "Why didn't you tell Fred & George the truth? Things between us went downhill after the whole...Ron...incident." You said struggling with the last sentence, you were still upset for the fact Ron brought up what you wanted to forget. "I did tell the truth. You're actually so easy to be around, funny, always trying to cheer me up. I wouldn't have it any other way-watch your step here." He said as he slowly guided you what seemed a hill. "But why didn't you tell them?" You said holding Oliver's hand tight for the hill was steep. "I don't want to involve other people. I know what happened between you and Ron is your business but you're making it seem like it would be something I'd hate. Please don't assume that...trust me." His tone was serious and sounded a little upset when he brought up the issue on trusting.
  10. Oliver was still holding your hand and guiding you to this place that he wanted to keep a secret. After a minute or two of walking, you finally stopped. "Okay, you can open your eyes now." You opened your eyes to have a bright white light blinding you because of the untouched snow. Oliver brought you to the field near the Shrieking Shack. "Surprise!" He said calmly yet he chuckled, you looked around to see that it was finally just the both of you alone. "Why this place?" You didn't mind that he brought you here but it seemed kind of random to you. "Well, I thought I should bring you to a place that really means a lot to me. So, ta-da!" He said as he jumped out in front of you and did a little jazz hands when he said "Ta-da" You smiled and found it cute what he did. "Why would this be important to you now?" You smiled and tilted your head to the right. He stepped closer to you and smiled "Because, it's the place you found out I was your "secret admirer" you know, the one you told Neville about. I heard you." He laughed, your face flushed with a bright red with embarrassment. You blurt out...
  11. Although, the atmosphere between the both of you was over the moon, you knew you had to tell Oliver the truth about you and Ron. "Oliver, you deserve to know what happened between me and Ron..." You said, the smile on Oliver's face began to slowly fade and he rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand and nodded. A few minutes past and it already got to the point where you were telling Oliver about the kissed you and Ron "shared". You realized, it was getting harder for you tell Oliver what happened because it meant you had to go back to the past and relive it in order to say what happened. You needed a moment to relax yourself, so you turned away from Oliver. Sure enough, what you had to say would drive any boy mad. "Look, if you want to leave. I don't blame you, I would..." You said with your back face towards Oliver with your hands on the iron fence. You heard no footsteps. "Why aren't you leaving?" You cried as your back was face towards Oliver. Your voice cracked and it was obvious to Oliver that you're about to bawl your eyes out. It was getting to hard. "Just tell me one thing, did you feel anything? Between the both of you.." He said, you couldn't identify whether he was hurt or furious at you, you turned around to see that his eyes showed remorse and that he wasn't mad. "It meant nothing." You said holding back your hears, his face seemed to lit up and he took a step closer to you. "Really?" He said now staring face to face at you, you looked up at him and wiped your tears. "Absolutely nothing" He brought his hands up to your face and used his thumbs to wipe any excess tears. "Tell me if you feel anything between us."
  12. Oliver held your face in the palm of his warm hands, he brought you closer to his face. You slowly closed you eyes, you didn't want to pull away, you wanted to know yourself if you actually feel something between you and Oliver. Oliver's breath smelled like peppermint which simulated your senses because the smell of peppermint alone was cool and refreshing. A cool wind brushed your lips but it was interrupted by the warmth of Oliver's lips meeting yours. You didn't flinch, it felt natural which is always the best feeling. Oliver dropped his hands from your face to hold you closely. You slowly pulled away to meet his light brown eyes one more time. He smiled and you brought your fingers to your lips. "So, did you feel anything?" He said as the smell of his peppermint breath excited you but you shook your head. "To be honest, I really don't know. You sort of kissed me because I told you there was nothing with me and Ron. It's too soon for me to say." You said looking down at his chest. He seemed a little uneasy but he understood "I get it but can you tell me what you felt when you figured out? Please, it will kill me if I don't know..." You nodded and let your head rest on his chest. He hugged you tight but loosen "So, can we do that again?" He said jokingly. You laughed and pulled away
  13. Hi there lovelies! So, I finally managed to post up Pt 7.2. There were issues with writers block, forgetting the password to the quiz, report cards being handed out in my country and etc. I hope that you enjoyed this edition, it was actually difficult. To be honest, this edition was the most difficult to write but after this is done, I can write the other parts more smoothly. I've already written down some of your request, suggestions and ideas down. I couldn't put some of your request, suggestions and ideas in this edition because it was too early or I didn't know how to incorporate them into the scene. Anyways, look out for pt 7.3! Hopefully, it will come faster than this edition. I'm being repetitive but yeah, thank you for putting my quiz on the featured page once more. It's truly an honor. Also, I do like to mention that I enjoy speaking with all of you over the comments board and fan mail. I've recently been emailing people who ask how the quiz is progressing and those who'd like to know more about me. So if any of you like to do the same, my email is rawrnedly@hotmail(.)com! Have a magical day x
  14. FORGOT TO ADD SHOUTOUTS! (Sorry guys, I'm currently searching for my headphones) I'd like to give a shoutout to @AiFiahK3mE for her help trying to get out of a writer's blocks and her fabulous idea, @Aria for constantly reminding me why I'm writing these quizzes & the type of impact it has and to all of you! Sorry it's a bit rushed, I'm really mindblown right now.

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