Love at Hogwarts Pt13

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It's year 5! The twins are back and introducing Neville Longbottom. Harry is back from his meeting with the Minsitry and brought hell with him.Can you steal find the guy of your dreams in this madness?

They're back! Fred and George Weasley are back in the running. I mean I thought it would be the perfect time because in the upcoming stories of the original harry potter they were brought in more!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. The holidays seemed shorter than ever due to the fun you had with Draco. It was the last day before your friends came and Draco said he needed to tell you something.
  4. You met at the lake.He was already there. "We needed to talk?" "Yes......I know we never actually went out and I'm scared I'm going to lose you when the ohters get back...""Draco, you won't lose me! I promise you that. And that's right hogwarts dosen't count as a date. Want to go get some butter beers?" He nodded. You kissed him on the cheek and took his hand. "Besides it's the last time we relax before Pansey tries to murder me!" He laughs at that and is less stressed. You staayed at the bar for the whole day just talking. "Birdie....." "Yeah?" " What if your friends hate the fact of me and you?" "Then I'll find some new friends." You said. You decided it was time to go.
  5. You woke up really early and went down to the owlery as you had to right to Fleur. Even though you were miles away it couldn't break yoir friendship. You then dragged Draco out of his room to take you to honeydukes. "Five more minutes..." "Fine I'll go by myself and buy all the green toffee apples for myself!" That was another thing you shared in common. You were both inlove with Honey dukes green toffee apples. You grabbed your Larchwood and Unicornhair core wand and some money. By the time you went Down Draco was dressed and was waiting for you. "Couldn't let you have all the fun..."He smiled as he put his arm around your waist and pulled you into a kiss.
  6. You got Butterscotch drops for the twins cause they were pissed when you only brought treats for Harry Hermoine Ginny and Ron last time. Lemon drops for Ginny and Hermoine. Peppermint toads for Harry and licorice swirls for Ron. Draco provided the candy apples. "Cool, should we wait at the train station.""You can, they are not my friends remeber," "Yes I remember Draco. Play nice.""Only for my bird."You blushed as he planted a kiss on your forehead.
  7. Your friends finally came off the train. You ran and hugged Ginny and Hermoine. The twins gave you a twin hug. "SUffocating here guys!" "Sorry."They said in unision. You hugged Ron. "You know I'm starting to like your lion main!" "Good cause I was just starting to like you moderately black hair!" You gave him a friendly punch. Harry was standing there. You ran and hugged him. "Forgot about me did you?" "How could I forget? By the way I much preffer your hair now then last year."He chuckled. That reminds me. You handed everyone their treats. "Sorry on a diet.""To bad I'm just goin to enjoy these licorice swirls then?" " Give me that!" You laughed. "C'mon Birdie, you need to stop hanging out with our pesky brother and spend more time with us!" "Sound slike the weasley twins are jealous.""Us jealous. Nah" "Explain giving you brother the stink eye when I hugged him?" They stopped talking. "Just kidding besides I have been craving one of your jokes on Pansey!" They laughed
  8. You walked back and bumped into someone. "I am so sorry Birdie!" "Neville? It's alright. You alright?" "Yup just great now"He blushed
  9. Proffessor Dumbledore introduced a new proffessor. "Proffessor Umbridge, will be the new DefenceAgainsttheDarkArt's teacher! She will be monitorung your behaviour!" She made direct eye contact at you and then you knew it was going to be an even more hectec year
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