Love at Hogwarts PT 17

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It's year 5! The twins are back and introducing Neville Longbottom. Harry is back from his meeting with the Minsitry and brought hell with him.Can you steal find the guy of your dreams in this madness?

They're back! Fred and George Weasley are back in the running. I mean I thought it would be the perfect time because in the upcoming stories of the original harry potter they were brought in more!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. Lavender was wearing pink all over and was holding rons arm. Rons face was really pale against his red and yellow clothes. Draco was wearing black and his hair combed back. "Sorry, won won and I are late." "It's fine, lavender and I'll get the drinks, behave you two!" they nodded and you and Lavender went to the bar and ordered four large butterbeers. "You and Ron make a cute couple..." "I know right? You and Dtraco make a cute couple too" You got the beverages and went back to the table.
  4. " Glad neither of you killed the other..." you said as the boys were giving eachother death stares. "So ron when's your next game?" "tomorrow" he said not making contact. " Lavender can I borrow the boys?" "sure!" she said and you dragged them outside
  5. "Ok, I know you guys hate eachother but you need to get your act together before someone gets hurt!" you screamed. The boys looked frightened. " Do I make myself clear?" They nodded and walked back inside. You were about to o in but you saw Harry and Hermoine so you waved and they said 30mis till the lesson.
  6. "Ron and I have an errand to run so we have to cut it short." Lavender looked sad but Draco was relieved that he wouldn't have to do it again. "Bye"he said as he hugged you eyeing Ron. You walked out of the bar and tried to find the magic closet where the class would take place
  7. "I still don't know what you see in him..." You pretended you didnt hear Ron as you oppend the door to the closet. Alot of Hufflepuff and Gryffindors attended and only two ravenclaws. Cho Chang and Luna. You went up to Harry. "Need an assistant?" He nodded then Cho chang came up and said something she shouldn't have said. "I'm not sure I should do this anymore."Harry whispered. "Nonsense you tooked down Voldemort I'm sure that a couple of students could hurt."He smiled and got started with the lesson.
  8. He taught all types of spells but your favourite was the expectopetronaus one. You thought of the Yule ball with Cedric and that worked your animal came out as a peregrine. "What a coinsidence bird." Harry said. You smiled.
  9. It was the end of the day and at dinner Umbridge made an announcment that suprised you all. "I know that a couple of students have been doing forbidden lessons. So I am making an inquisitorial squad. To hunt down these fellons. You will get extra marks. Anyone that wants to join please sign!"
  10. Draco eyed the signing sheet. You shook your head but he smirked and signed his name

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