Love at Hogwarts Pt 20

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It's year 5! The twins are back and introducing Neville Longbottom. Harry is back from his meeting with the Minsitry and brought hell with him.Can you still find the guy of your dreams in this madness?

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying this series! We are so close to the end!( I think?) I hope you will still read the other quizzes! I am writing as much as I can every day since there is nothing better to do

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. Draco walked you down to the tain station. "It's going to be lonely without having you around." He mumbled. "We'll keep in touch. Don't worry."You said. You kissed him on the cheek and ran to catch up with your friends. You sat on the cabin with Hermoine, Harry, Ron and Ginny.
  4. "I know where Voldemort is....." "Where?" "This place where an organisation of the order of the pheonix" "I know where that is!" Hermoine said. "What's your point Harry?" You asked. "Maybe we could pay him a visit?" "I don't know." you and Ginny said. "What if we get killed" "I'll protect you."Harry said.
  5. You arrived at platform 9 3/4. You met Mr and Mrs Weasley on the muggle side. They hugged everyone except you. "Mom, Dad. This is Birdie" "Pleasure to meet you birdie!" "Pleasure to meet you too Mr and Mrs Weasley." "Mrs Weasley..." "Yes Harry?" "Neville invited us to go to the order of the pheonix hideout. Is it all right if we go?" "Sure Harry, maybe next week?" "Thank you!" He said. You nudged him. "I f I die I'm blaming you."You whispered and walked next to Ginny.
  6. You arrived at the Weasleys. It was a cute little house but when you went inside it was huge. "C'mon Bird" "We'll show you around!" the twins dragged you.
  7. "The hall." "Our bedroom" "The kitchen" " Ginny, yours and Hermoines room" "Ron and Harry's room" "Mum and Dad's room" "Guys slow down your giving me a migrane"
  8. The week went by quickly and you were soon at the order of the pheonix. Mr and Mrs Weasley waited outside. You went inside. " Guys, I don't want to run into Voldemort netherless Bellatrix Lestrange...." You heard laughing you turned around. The devil was there already.
  9. "Hello Harry, Oh Neville hows your parents?" Neville took a step forward you held him back. "She's not worth it Neville" "Oooo Neville has a girl friend" "That's it!" "Crucio" you dodged it. You turned into a peregrine and scrathed her. You took her wand and flew away. "Dear Harry, did you miss me?" It was voldemort. Everything went black. You woke up at the weasleys. "What happened?" Hermoine recalled the fight. "You were out for 2 day....are you alright" Ron asked "Yes"
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