Love at Hogwarts Pt15

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It's year 5! The twins are back and introducing Neville Longbottom. Harry is back from his meeting with the Minsitry and brought hell with him.Can you still find the guy of your dreams in this madness?

Hey guys wassup! Besides detention with Umbridge. You are finally going to have a Nevile Moment! exciting. As you can tell I refuse to stop at year 5! So I am making it until the end

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. You and Harry sat next to eachother in a pink room. With cats staring at you. "Not creepy at all"You muttered and Harry let out a quiet laugh
  4. After you were dismissed you left to go to the lake you sat down and cried. "Rough day? I have plenty of those..." It was Neville. "How'd you know?" "You know, I was going to put them in the garden but they need to go to someone who's in need..."He handed you the most beautiful boquet of irises. "They are beautiful!" "Not as beautiful as you.."He all of a sudden realised what cam out of hhis mouth and he blushed madly. "Maybe you should talk to Ron.....clear things up." "Ok....that's a start." "I'll organise it, the library sound good?" You nodded and waved goodbye.
  5. You left and walked to your room and slept. You had the worse nightmares, that you woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Hermoine and Ginny slept with you like what you did on sleepovers and you didn't scream for the rest of the night.
  6. You woke up before everyone else so you could have a early breakfast. You started to walk down stairs with an empty stomach. You were the second one there. Ron was sitting there.
  7. "Hey, Ron"He looked up and then looked down. "I need to talk to you." You knew he was pretending not to listen. "I'm sorry.....for hitting you......I knew it was wrong. It was a reaction..... I didn't know you felt that way.....I wish we can still be friends?" He looked up smiling. "Ofcourse...I'm also sorry about the kiss.....not one of my finest moves...."You laughed than lavender came in.
  8. "Oh....trying to steal my won won are we?" "No lavender....she was just apologising as I was to her....we're just friends..."She looked happy. Everyone started to walk in. "Ron.....""Yeah bird?" "I'm getting my revenge!" "Please...""hey lavender.....I was thinking maybe doing a double date! You and Ron and me and Draco?" She clapped her hands in delight. "We'll just go and get butter beers and go to the sweet about it?" She nodded. Harry, Hermoine, Ginny and the twins cracked up. "I guess I deserved it...."
  9. You sat down at potions and Draco took his place next to you. "Hey Draco....I'm planning to get revenge on Ron with me?" "Normally I'd say yes....but because it's with you definietly."You told him your plan and he approved of it.
  10. It was finally time for the twins prank show! You got nearly all the boys from hogwarts to come with alot of girls ready to giggle. "The first act! The fire balls!" They said in unision. You leaned against the wall and just as they were about to finish Umbridge came out and stop the fun!

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