Love at Hogwarts Pt 16

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It's year 5! The twins are back and introducing Neville Longbottom. Harry is back from his meeting with the Minsitry and brought hell with him.Can you steal find the guy of your dreams in this madness?

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying this series! We are so close to the end!( I think?) I hope you will still read the other quizzes that I have made and I am coming up with other story lines.

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. "She knows how to ruin a party...." " She is literally a witch!" you laughed. "What's your next trick......Can I help! Is it to destroy Umbridge?" " really do hate her!" You sighed...."You tell me..."You showed them your wrists. "Yikes!" "Harry has some too." "Owch......I'll revenge you Bird!" "No, Fred...I will!" They started to fight. "Boys lets not get too fisty we have some planning to do!" you evily cackled.
  4. You walked to Potions class, halfway along the way Hermoine and Ron pulled you to the side. "Wassup?" "Umbridge isn't teaching us anything!" "Get to the point, Ron" "What Ron's trying to say is that we think Harry should teach us..." "Ok what does that have to do with me?" "Harry sort of likes you...""Once again are all boys blind?" "Nope......your really pretty..." "Ron....that's really sweet but what do boys see in me?" "PLEEEAASSSEE TALK TO HIIIMMM!" "Ok ok...moine your annoying some time!" You were about to be late for potions so you sprinted and made in time. " Running are you?" "Yes Draco....I can't handle another detention!"He chuckled. After potions you caught up with Harry. "Hey can I meet you at the quidditch feild?" "Sure!" "Thanks meet you after hell" he chuckled and went to DADA. You realised that Ron wasn't there. "Hermoine wheres Ron?" you whispered. "Quidditch try outs."she mumbled. "Ms Granger and Ms Birdie if I hear either of your voices one more time you will get detentin. and Ms Birdie I'm sure you don't want another one of those!" you shook your head and stayed silent for the rest of the lesson.
  5. It was after DADA and you made your way towards the quidditch feilds. Harry met you after a few seconds later. "Hey Birdie whatsup?" "Umm...just letting you know this isn't my idea.....but..." "But what? whos idea was it?" "Hermoine and Rons.....we are learning nothing in Umbridges classes so they were sort of thinking if you will teach secret defense against the dark arts classes since you are experineced?" "Birdie.." "PLEASE! Even I have to admit this will be a brilliant idea!" "I'm not sure.....Sirius has secretly came back and I need to check on him and everyone will think that I'm a freak from last year...." "If they call you a freak I'll scratch their eyes out!" he chuckled. " Fine" "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" you hugged him and he hugged you back. You ran to go tell Hermoine.
  6. You ran to tell Hermoine but you ended running into Draco. He just caught you. "Looks like I am irresistable." he chuckled. "You wish..."you laughed. "Where you off to?" "Don't ask me I'm just the messenger!" "Be safe.."He said and kissed you. "Got to go"You sprinted off to Hermoine
  7. "That is amazing!" Hermoine cried. All of a sudden Ron ran inside the common room. He picked you up into a hug. "Whatds the occassion?" "I made the quidditch team!" "WOOHHHOOOO!" you said. "Harry also said yes!" "WOHHOO!" He shouted. "Sorry but I'm bursting your balloonn!" "Hey lavender you want to the double date this saturday?" "YESSSS!" "s---" Ron mumbled.
  8. "When's the first day of lesson?" "After your double date!" Harry said. "'s tommorrw aint it Bird?" "Yes Ron." It was finally the day and instead of Ginny and Hermoine waking you up it was Lavender. "I'm up, I'm up." You said. You had a hot shower and straighten your short hair. You put fishnet stockings on, a short leather skirt and and checkered long sleeved shirt. You were out the door and waited for the boys and Lavender to arrived.
  9. They finally arrived and Ron looked nervous as hell. He looked paranoid

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